Uproar In Texas After Restaurant Starts Selling A Vegan Version Of The Barbecue Favorite

Are you a meat-lover? Or a vegan? Either way, you really need to spend a few minutes reading this unbelievable post written by Hannah Al-Othman for the Mail Online. It’s all about the huge uproar in Texas caused by a restaurant that started selling a vegan version of brisket.

Brisket is a barbeque favorite in Texas. And many Texans take this meat dish very seriously. So seriously that many of them are up in arms about a vegan restaurant that has started selling a vegan version of brisket! The Dallas restaurant, V-Eats Modern Vegan, is a vegan eatery that has a vegan version of brisket on its menu.

When the Dallas Observer’s food critic, Beth Rankin, visited the restaurant and gave the vegan brisket a positive review, there was a major outcry by certain meat-loving Texans. They soon took to Twitter to post some very angry comments about vegans and V-Eats Modern Vegan.

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Somebody wrote: ‘Why do vegans gotta ruin everything?’ while the other said: ‘Is nothing sacred anymore!? This is blasphemous!’

Tweeting a link to Rankin’s review, which is entitled: ‘Vegan Brisket? It’s a Thing at This New Dallas Vegan Restaurant, and It’s Pretty Good’, one Twitter user said: ‘No, stop this blasphemy’.

Another posted: Vegan. Brisket. ‘You’ve gone too far this time, Dallas.’ 

A woman also tweeted saying ‘vegan brisket has set my outrage machine to 11’, adding: ‘I will accept the vegan brisket if it’s filed with beef #rigged’.

While another woman posted saying: ‘Vegan brisket is a thing and now I want to die.’

Barbecue fans in Texas have been left outraged after a Dallas eaterie started selling VEGAN brisket (pictured)
Barbecue fans in Texas have been left outraged after a Dallas eaterie started selling VEGAN brisket (pictured)

In response to the comments on Facebook, a man said: ‘Just a reminder to the meat eaters out there: Most of us didn’t stop eating meat, because we thought it tasted bad.

‘We stopped eating it, because we don’t like the idea of killing animals for food.

‘We make alternatives to mimic meat, because we want to eat familiar dishes without having to kill animals.

‘Your arguments aren’t new to us. We hear them all the time.

‘As someone who’s actually made a mock meat from scratch, it’s not much of a mystery as to what’s in our meat. It’s usually pretty basic ingredients.’

And Dallas Vegan Roundup also weighed in, writing: ‘Great news for Dallas! People usually don’t eat these substitutes because they miss meat, it’s more about the familiar flavors and texture.

‘Much of the flavor in BBQ comes from sauce and spices, most of which are already vegan.

‘Dallas is way behind the rest of the country in vegan dining – as usual, we are playing catch-up. But it’s a start!’

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