This Is Why You Don’t Want To Trash Your Clients On FB

Before you post anything on Facebook, you should always think about it. Think about what you say, who it will hurt, and what impact it may have on you and your career. Here is an instant when a photographer just did not think before she reacted.

Katrina Ortiz had hired Desiree Genera to take some pictures of her while she was pregnant. The shoot went well, and they agreed a date when the pictures would be ready. So far, so good.

Things started to go wrong when Katrina asked (on the expected date) if her pictures were ready. It was then that Desiree let her mouth run away from her, posting that Katrina was rushing her. She went even further to record a very nasty video calling the expectant mom names such as ‘fat thighs’, and made comments about her stretch marks, cellulite and the wig.

It is almost embarrassing to watch the video and hear the names she calls Katrina. Maybe she thinks that there is some logic to the thought that ‘any publicity is good publicity’. Wrong! Reading the text from Katrina, it seems that the mom-to-be was just being polite and asked if her pictures were ready, only to be met with a barrage of insults and abuse from the photographer, who claimed she was so busy, and was being rushed.

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Now, any other photographer worth his salt will tell you that there are things that you say, and then there are things that you definitely do not say, no matter what you feel about your client. Insulting pregnant ladies is one of those things.

It begs the question that if she really was that busy, when did she find the time to record the video? Would she not have been better just with a quick answer and then press on with her busy workload?

Whatever her thoughts, the comments and the video have done Desiree no good at all, in fact they have harmed her reputation. She should have learned by now that you never, EVER, slag off a pregnant lady. It is just not the done thing! You will only get what you deserve, and she certainly did, with people going so far as to leave very negative comments on her business page.

People went so far as to dig up dirt on the photographer about shoots which she had done, that they considered unprofessional. It seems that she has a history of letting her mouth get the better of her on more than one occasion.

This comes very close to a case of cyberbullying, and one viewer even suggested Katrina sue the photographer for being unprofessional. One thing is sure, her business has most certainly suffered because of her big mouth.

Source: Digital Photography School

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