The Cheating ‘SECRET’ To Bigger Fish

If you’re one of those fisherman who loves to exaggerate the size of their catch, then you just can’t miss this ingenious “tiny hands” gadget that lets you exaggerate the size of your catch in photographs!

You’re likely to be hardpressed to find any fisherman who hasn’t ever exaggerated about the size of a fish they’ve caught. We all do it. Which is exactly why so many people refuse to believe fishermen’s tales. But now there’s an outstandingly clever little gadget that can help you exaggerate the size of your catch in photos too!

This amazing little gadget is called Fishyhands and it is a cunning depth-perception tool that uses tiny hands to make the fish look even bigger. So, next time you tell someone how big your catch was, you can use photos taken with Fishyhands to prove just how big the fish was!

Source: Mirror

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