The 5 Best And Worst Things About Homeschooling

Most homeschoolers have their own list of pros and cons, when it comes to teaching the kids at home. Everyone is different. In this blog by a homeschool mom – who used to be a teacher – you can read some of her own best and worst things about the course she chose to take with her three children.

Her decision was made because her first child could read himself at very early age, and she felt he would be bored at a regular school. Interestingly, some of the pros are also cons. Life is funny like that.

Best Things:

1. Not missing any part of childhood

Homeschooling means that you get to be with your kids all the time, through their childhood. Being at home means that they will be somewhat sheltered from the rules which society dictates about how soon they should grow up. A huge bonus is how the innocence of childhood is not destroyed at a very early age.

2. Getting to learn at their own pace

Not having a child who is under pressure to learn at the same rate as all the other kids in the class is a huge benefit. Not all kids are quick learners who benefit from homeschooling, slow learners may learn at their own pace without being overlooked in a large class.

3. Close family relationships

Homeschooled families are invariably more close knit than kids who go off to regular schools. Kids will fight (as kids do anywhere) but overall the families are closer. Parents get to watch the family grow up together and strengthen bonds between siblings. Families tend to spend more time doing things together.

4. Freedom of time

Visiting museums midweek when they are quieter, taking vacations when regular schools are still working, field trips when it is convenient are all pluses when homeschooling. Families can take a whole year off and travel the country without being penalised for being absent from school. Most families realise how lucky they are when a child goes to college and routines must be obeyed.

5. My own learning

This homeschooling mom felt that her own learning had improves, especially in subjects like science and history. It is also good for the kids to see that mom and dad have never finished learning, it is an ongoing process, and never stops. Most homeschool parents learn to appreciate the learning process far more because they are so directly involved with it.

Worst Things

1. The weight of responsibility

You never can blame the teacher if your kid doesn’t learn, because you are the teacher! If the child ends up with a less than average education, then you only have yourself to blame. Homeschooling parents can never afford to be lax when it comes to teaching the kids. The whole end result depends on them.

2. Messy house

Homeschool parents need to accept that the house is never going to be completely tidy. Occasionally they will have other children over to all learn together, which means even more mess. Children and parents at home all the time means that the house will always have teaching projects on the go somewhere.

3. Lots of togetherness

While this is also a pro, a lot of togetherness means that occasionally people will get on each other’s nerves. Homeschool parents need to make special time for themselves. They may not want that time, but the truth is that they need time alone, away from the kids. Sometimes it is hard to organise time off.

4. Having to be in charge of structure

Mom and dad have to totally in charge of structuring the day. There must be a structured routine so the kids know when they are expected to work, turn in assignments, and be ready to start a lesson. Often this is a problem with parents who are more relaxed by nature, but it is important to keep a schedule for the kids.

5. Doubt

Every parent who homeschools their kids goes through periods of doubt at one time or other. The question arises about whether the child is anxious because that’s just the way they are, or is it because they are being homeschooled? As a parent, have you forgotten a vital part of their education? Most questions can be worked through, but the doubt may always be there.

While this mom is of the opinion that homeschooling is a great choice for her and her kids, she admits that it is not for every family. There are pros and cons in both methods of teaching, and each family will make up its own mind about the best method. She felt that it was the best solution for her and her three children.

Source: Scary Mommy

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