Sick Phone Scammers Call Individuals Claiming They Haven’t Paid For Taxis – Leaving Them With Possibly Huge Bills

Victims are left with monstrous bills in the latest mobile phone scam, in which fraudsters accuse them of not paying for services like deliveries or taxi fares.

The scam originated in Derbyshire but may be advancing to other parts of the UK, so it is important to be cautious of falling prey to this trick.

Victims are being called by scammers who accuse them of having an unpaid bill for a product or service.

Then, the con artist will hang up the phone after a brief discussion and wait on the phone user to try to dial back.

The telephone number that the victim calls, however, is actually a very expensive toll number.

One woman in Derbyshire has already fallen prey to this scam, after receiving a call that suggested she had used a taxi without paying the fare. The call came from an 070 number.

The woman said, “Then my mother-in-law got one from someone claiming she had order a pizza – which she would never do because she has a dough allergy.”

“Thankfully we had the sense to hang up immediately. After a lot of investigating we found out that these are premium rate numbers and the idea is you phone back to complain and get stitched up by paying for the call.”

The Government’s Action Fraud has investigated this scam and found that thousands of 070 calls have been reported as premium rate number scams.

Prices are much higher than normal on premium rate numbers, which are typically used in cases where services are provided during the call.

If you are contacted by an 070 number, you should not return the call. Instead, be cautious, and if you believe it may be a scam, you should report the incident to Action Fraud at or on 0300 123 2040.

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