Secret Nazi Code Kept Hidden By ‘Milk’ And ‘Vegan Agenda’

Lately twitter has noticed that some neo-nazis are ‘getting into milk’. That in itself is somewhat confusing, but it seems the reason is more disturbing that first thought.

Declaring that they are now ‘lactose intolerant’ lately have been such names as Richard Spencer, who you may remember from getting punched in the face. Seems he has replaced ‘Pepe the Frog’ emojis with a glass of milk.

Likewise, Milo Yiannopolous’ old manager now has a glass of milk neatly tucked between him names. Posts have gone so far as to make statements such as ‘down with the vegan agenda’ which in itself is somewhat weird. It is not like anyone is trying to take over the milk industry either. The findings are a little more worrying than that.

'I'm very tolerant... Lactose tolerant!' (Picture: Richard Spencer/Twitter)

Milo's old manager (Picture: Twitter/Baked Alaska)

Just lately milk (being white) has apparently become the symbol of purity. Mostly this is used in connection with racial purity. On the same note, the vegan agenda is thought to be a code word for a Jewish conspiracy. Not only a Jewish Conspiracy, but apparently any target that the far right movement chooses to take a stand against.



So with milk being white, it spring to mind that white is pure, white supremacists like ‘white’, therefore they like ‘milk’. All extremely confusing to anyone who is not familiar with twitter! It is also thought that the rationale behind the thought may contain BS!

So next time you see someone on twitter with a small glass of milk inserted somewhere in their names, beware, they may not be who they say they are!

Source: Metro

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