Roving RV Offering Mobile Salon And Spa Services While Spreading Encouragement

Most people think of mobile homes as places to live, but this one is different! Completely the opposite, in fact. Kirsten DiCarlo, owner of the FabUBus, has transformed this RV into a special place for women.

The 40 foot RV has been converted into a mobile salon and spa, offering massages, manicures and hair styling. Kirsten says that when someone first walks in, they do not expect it to be a fully fitted salon.

“Some people are a little surprised and maybe a little suspect,” said Kirsten. “Then they walk on and they’re like ‘I can’t believe how big it is; I can’t believe this is really what it is.’”

Kirsten, who has appointed herself as the Chief Glam Officer, says that women deserve to be pampered. Most women work a very long week, and often have to forego things like pedicures in favour of football games.

“The idea was to take the luxurious feeling of a spa and the efficiency of a salon and then add in that convenience of where women spend most of their day,” added Kirsten. “The idea of this was that women do deserve to pamper ourselves.”

The FabUBus travels around to convenient places where women can be pampered for a short time.

“When we have extra time, we don’t give it to ourselves,” said Kirsten.  “We give it to other people, our friends, family, jobs.”

Kirsten is of the opinion that a little bit of lipstick and a few words of encouragement go a long way to making women feel appreciated.

“I do believe that women that feel beautiful can do beautiful things.”

The RV can go to any spot it can park for events and parties. To book the FabUBus and learn more, visit their website here.

Source: WIVB News 4

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