Plucky Grass Snake Patiently Lies In Wait Trying To Nab A Fisherman’s Trout

Fisherman Keith Perry and his friend had an unexpected guest when they went fishing in the reservoir in Kent. An English Grass snake swam up and appeared to be waiting for the fisherman to land his catch.

The snake even went so far as to perch on top of the fish as if it was his own, and he was warning the fisherman to keep away. Being a little alarmed at the length of the snake so close to them, Keith’s friend googled it and found out that it was a harmless snake which did not eat people.

“At first the snake made me jump as it swam over quite quickly and then seemed to be guarding my fish as though they were his.”

“It sat on top of my catch and seemed to be telling me to keep away from his meal.”

“My friend Googled the snake to identify what type it was then when we realised it was harmless, we carried on fishing. Apparently they eat frogs and so you find quite a lot of them around waterways.” Keith Perry said.

In the video the sneaky creature can be seen patiently lying in wait for the angler to hook the fresh fish meal. Luckily, grass snakes are not venomous and pose little danger to people on this shores

Unlike a snake which was discovered to contain in its stomach the body of a man. This happened in Indonesia, where a man went out to harvest palm oil. Akbar Salubiro, 25 disappeared one day and his friends, and when he did not return, his friends and family feared he was dead.

They became even more concerned when they found the seven metre long python in his garden. Fearing that he had been eaten and had suffocated they brought an 18 inch long hunting knife to open the snake. On cutting the snake open, they were horrified to discover the lifeless body of Salubiro inside.

Source: Daily Mail

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