Mother With 6 Negative Pregnancy Tests Gives Birth Just ONE DAY After Doctor Confirmed She Was Pregnant

Most mother’s to be have several months to prepare for the birth of their baby. This was not the case with a mother who gave birth just one day after finding out she was pregnant!

The mother was shocked when she went for a routine check up, only to be told that she was two months pregnant. Her doctor did not realize just how wrong he had been when she went into labour 24 hours later and delivered a healthy baby boy.

After six pregnancy tests came back negative the mother carried on her life as normal, working overtime at her job, going rock climbing eight months into her term and even falling down the stairs when she was five months pregnant! She showed absolutely no signs of being pregnant.

Her boss was the only person who suspected that she may have been pregnant, but any suggestions were shrugged of and put down to just being fat. A healthy, happy baby boy proved everyone wrong!

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

Amanda shares:

“When I first found out I was pregnant, I was shocked.”

“I always thought that pregnancy would be a pretty obvious thing.”

“One of the strangest things is looking back at the time I was pregnant and realising all of the crazy things I did.”

“I fell down a flight of stairs while holding my cat at five months pregnant, sat for a five hour tattoo session at six months, and at seven months, I went on a week long trip to Virginia with my friend Jess.”

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

“While we were there, we went hiking and I decided I wanted to climb some rocks.”

“There’s a really great picture of me crouching on top of a rock I climbed, and I love showing it to people and pointing out that I gave birth a month after that picture was taken.”

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

The pastry chef from Rocky Hill in Connecticut, USA, did not show any significant signs of being pregnant. When she put on a little weight, Amanda believed she was just bloated, while her friends even told her she lost weight. She also put down her mild morning sickness to a bug that had been going around at work.

“I felt a little bloated, but I had actually lost weight,” she said.

“I had been trying to see a doctor for a while, but it kept getting put off.”

“I didn’t think there was anything serious going on.”

“The only noticeable symptom I had was my missed period, which was what led me to take pregnancy tests.”

Amanda took six pregnancy test from two months to five months, but all showed negative results. She said:

“It was funny that everyone commented how it looked like I had lost weight.”

“I was eight months pregnant at the time.”

“My boss was the only person who thought I looked pregnant.”

“I laughing saying things like, ‘Nope, not pregnant. Just fat.'”

Pregnancy cravings and morning sickness were also brushed off by Amanda with seemingly straightforward explanations.

The initial news that she was pregnant was a shock, but Francis, who has always wanted kids, felt she had time enough to prepare

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

“As far as morning sickness goes,” she said, “I was mildly sick for a couple of weeks, but I thought it was just a stomach bug because everyone at work seemed to be sick, as well.”

“I did have a strange craving for Chipotle almost every day. Now I don’t care for it.”

“I also had a very difficult time finishing a meal. I was never really hungry at all,” she added.

Luckily Amanda steered clear of alcohol during her pregnancy, claiming she just had an aversion to it while she was carrying little Kellin. It was during a visit to her primary care doctor, who ran blood test, that Amanda was told she was two months pregnant.

The news was a surprising one for Amanda, but she has always wanted kids, felt she had enough time to prepare.

She said: “I found out a day before I had Kellin that I was supposedly two months pregnant.”

“I was scared about the idea of giving birth.”

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

“I was confused and in tears. I was happy, because I’ve always wanted kids, but I didn’t exactly expect it to happen like this.”

During the night of her labor, believing she was only 2 months pregnant, Amanda feared the worst when the pain started to increase:

“That night, I started having what I thought was cramps and some spotting,” she said.

“The following morning, I went into work as usual, but the cramps had gotten so bad I could barely stand.”

“I went to the emergency room, convinced I was having a miscarriage.”

“They did an ultrasound right away, and I remember hearing the ultrasound tech saying ‘My God’ under her breath, so I was crying and prepared to hear the worst from the doctor.”

“I was absolutely in shock when he told me I was actually eight months pregnant and in labour.”

“I couldn’t stop crying. I had no idea what I was going to do. It was certainly a crazy day.”

“The only thoughts going through my head were that I wasn’t prepared, that I wasn’t going to be able to keep the baby and that I was going to have to place him for adoption.”

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

Her baby was in the breach position and therefore the doctors had to perform a caesarean:

“It was all so scary. Everything seemed to happen so quickly,” Amanda said.

“Once I had him I had decided that I was going to do everything possible to keep him and not place him for adoption.”

Nine hours after going into labour, and only 24 hours after discovering she was pregnant, 4lbs 3oz Kellin was born. Supportive family and friends rallied together to provide baby clothes and essentials for the new mum after the shock arrival.

“It’s definitely been a little bit of a struggle since becoming a mum,” Amanda admits.

“I had no idea how to take care of babies, or how to parent at all.”There was definitely an adjustment period, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.”

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