Homeschool Dad Sues Federal Government For Kidnapping His Seven Children

A landmark lawsuit has been filed in Arkansas by a family against the Child Protective Services. Parents Hal Stanley and his wife Michelle feel they have been targeted by the CPS for doing nothing more than wanting to take care of their family of seven children.

It seems that the FDA has it’s own rules and regulations regarding the treatment of sick children, and when it was discovered that Hal and Michelle kept a supply of the dietary supplement known as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) in their home, the FDA and the CPS took action against the family.

MMS is thought to treat diseases like Aids and some cancers, although it is not recognised by the FDA because it is a natural substance.

Armed forces along with CPS officials raided the family home, and – as if that was not enough – they then kidnapped the 7 children at gunpoint and held them for months on trivial charges!

What has become clear is that government officials violated several constitutional rights such as unlawful procedure, due process and familial association. Taking into account the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments, those involved had lied to the courts and fabricated the evidence to keep the children locked up.

Family lawyer Joe Churchill says that this has happened frequently in the country, and it is an uphill battle to win the case because the state of Arkansas refuses to admit that there were wrong in what it did to the family.

Churchill said that in a country which is supposed to be classed as ‘the land of the free’, this was a terrible thing to happen to a family who went off the grid and just wanted to keep themselves to themselves. They never did anything wrong or illegal, but were punished very harshly for doing something that they see as correct.

It seems that it is often the case when such families do try to raise their children in their own way, that they are targeted by authorities and punished. Churchill says he knows of many cases where families have been treated badly because they veer from the accepted social path.

The family has since set up a fundraising page called ‘But we see Jesus’ where any donations will be used to cover costs of the lawsuit.

Churchill says that the aim of the lawsuit is to seek redress, and also relief to force the government to accept that the Bill of Rights comes into play in this and similar cases.

“We are seeking redress because we are entitled under the law,” Joe Churchwell, wrote in a recent letter. “We will be seeking injunctive relief to force the government to recognize the Bill of Rights.”

Hal and Michelle say that they are not continuing with the lawsuit as a way to make any money, it has become a part of their campaign for accountability, and is the first step in the direction of accepting the family has the right to be a family without being persecuted for this.

“We’re not doing this because we want to or because we think we’re going to get rich,” the letter adds. “This isn’t simply a lawsuit, this is one part of the campaign for accountability and one step in the journey to take back our families’ right to be families.”

Source: Natural News

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