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Mysterious Chinese Skeletons Found In An Ancient Cemetery In England Could Rewrite Roman History

When children spend time in the pool, they often play a game of Marco Polo. “It” closes their eyes, cries out “Marco”, and tries to hear all the other players answering “Polo” to reveal themselves. With a lunge in the right direction, “It” tags another player and the game continues. It’s amazing that children still […]

Finland Is Named As The World’s Safest Country — With The UK And USA Ranking Behind Zimbabwe

Every two years the World Economic Forum presents a report about which countries are ranked in certain categories. This year they ranked some 136 countries with regards to the safety for tourists in each country. The report looks at how each country exposes tourists to danger, and how business is affected by violence and terrorism. […]

Single Mom Arrested And Kids Were Taken After She Began Homeschooling Them

Kiarre Harris felt that the district was failing her kids in their education, and decided to homeschool them. Kiarre thought that she had done all the right paperwork, and that her kids had been officially un-enrolled from school. The school acknowledged that they had received Kiarre’s intention in writing. Kiarre thought that she had done […]

Is Running The Best Type Of Exercise?

The question is often asked as to what is the best exercise for a person? The answers vary from person to person, depending on who you speak to. One thing is certain – running factors into this equation. Taken from the Journal of Progress in Cardiovascular Disease, we find that runners live on average three […]