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Finland Is Named As The World’s Safest Country — With The UK And USA Ranking Behind Zimbabwe

Every two years the World Economic Forum presents a report about which countries are ranked in certain categories. This year they ranked some 136 countries with regards to the safety for tourists in each country. The report looks at how each country exposes tourists to danger, and how business is affected by violence and terrorism. […]

Secret Nazi Code Kept Hidden By ‘Milk’ And ‘Vegan Agenda’

Lately twitter has noticed that some neo-nazis are ‘getting into milk’. That in itself is somewhat confusing, but it seems the reason is more disturbing that first thought. Declaring that they are now ‘lactose intolerant’ lately have been such names as Richard Spencer, who you may remember from getting punched in the face. Seems he […]

Single Mom Arrested And Kids Were Taken After She Began Homeschooling Them

Kiarre Harris felt that the district was failing her kids in their education, and decided to homeschool them. Kiarre thought that she had done all the right paperwork, and that her kids had been officially un-enrolled from school. The school acknowledged that they had received Kiarre’s intention in writing. Kiarre thought that she had done […]

Ross Kemp In 12-Hour Kidnap Stand Off With Armed Gang In Libya

An armed clan temporarily held Ross Kemp hostage as the former EastEnders hardman was attempting to film his newest documentary in Libya. For 12 hours, a heavily-armed group surrounded the building Kemp was in, brandishing weapons and threatening to kidnap him. At the time of the attack, he was filming in Sabha, a city south […]

Nearly 14-Pound Bass Landed In Tournament Is A Texas Lake Record

Every fisherman dreams of setting a new record, and Kurt Luker of Cleveland, is no different. Luker did in fact, get to set a new record with his catch. Kurt landed a Largemouth Bass at Belton Lake, weighing in at a staggering 13.97 pounds! It was during the Texas Team Trail Tournament that Kurt landed […]