Building Your Own Greenhouse

If you’ve been thinking about buying and installing a wooden greenhouse in your yard, you should spend a few minutes reading this handy staff post on USA Gardening. It gives an easy step-by-step guide to building your own wooden greenhouse. So have a look before you go out and buy one.

If you live in an area that has early frost, you probably have a very short vegetable growing season. If you have a greenhouse, you can extend your vegetable growing season by quite a while. Unfortunately, greenhouses can be very expensive to buy. But you don’t have to buy one, you can build your own instead!

These simple guidelines and plans will show you how to go about it. While building your own greenhouse might take a bit longer than buying one and getting someone else to install it, it will save you a fair amount of money. So have a look at this great guide for some tips!

1: Install ground anchors
Greenhouse - Anchors to hold wooden frame greenhouse - Lean Greenhouse - Anchors for greenhouse
Anchors to hold the pieces of 4″ X 4″ bought from hardware. USA $ 6.99 per unit. They are 36″ long.
Wooden Greenhouse kit - Plastic Polyethylene Greenhouse - Glass Greenhouse - Polycarbonate Greenhouse
Use slegehammer to anchor the anchors. Insert a piece of 4″ X 4″ with before hitting the ground. Subsequently, insert anchors into a new 4″ X 4″. Length of 25′, needs 3 anchors.
Build Garden Greenhouse - Hothouse - Greenhouse flower - The Backyard Greenhouse
Replace the piece of 4″ X 4″ with the mass used for anchoring a new 4″ X 4″ treated wood 12″ or 1′ in length. Tighten bolts to trap this piece. In hardware, 4″ X 4″ retails at $ 8.99 USA per 8′ long Homehardware.
Free Greenhouse plans - How to build greenhouse - Homesteading Greenhouse
Fill the hole around the anchor with crushed stone and compacted it with a heavy iron rod.
Greenhouse anchors - Mini-greenhouse - Greenhouse kits - Greenhouse posts
Lay on top of the 4″ X 4″ a inverted double metal bracket “U”. In hardware about $ 1.49 USA. Use 2″ treated wood screws.
Build plastic Greenhouse - Greenhouse frame - Polyethylene film - Sheets of polycarbonate - Anchoring Greenhouse
And that’s it ! Anchors are ready to receive greenhouse base or foundations.
2: Attach the greenhouse base to anchors
Build wooden Greenhouse - Glass house - Greenhouse frame plan - Hothouse - cheap greenhouse - Greenhouse growing
Various materials for the greenhouse construction. The spruce planks are used here. On the left, 2″ X 4 X 8′. At the center, 1″ X 3″ X 10′. Right, 4″ X 4″ wooden treaty. Bought everything from an hardware center).
Greenhouse base - How to setup greenhouse base - Build Greenhouse fondation
Greenhouse sitting area must be cleared of grass to prevent grass invasion on the greenhouse ground.
Greenhouse basement fondation - Greenhouse woode frame - Greenhouse ventilation - Free Greenhouse- Greenhouse kits
A laser level can be used to ensure that everything is right.
Polycarbonate Greenhouse - Polyethylene Greenhouse - Build base of the greenhouse
Here is the method to check the level between 2 bases anchors.
How to build the greenhouse foundation - Greenhouse fondation - Helpful Greenhouse Tips
Here’s how the press center anchor the both 4″ X 4″ 8′ long.
Greenhouse - Build the base frame - Free plans tips and hints - Greenhouse Builder
For the center of the base, I suggest to make consolidating with 2 pieces of 2″ X 4″ above the seal 4″ X 4″. As support I add a block of concrete wall under seal for better stability.
Build wooden Greenhouse - The base fondation of the greenhouse - Do it yourself own greenhouse
A block of concrete wall in the central joint for better stability.
Base greenhouse corner - Glass greenhouse - Garden Greenhouse - Greenhouse growing - Greenhouse Kits
The corners of the base are fixed by means of two metal brackets. To stabilise this base corner, place it on a concrete block.
Build wooden frame Greenhouse - Mini Greenhouse - Lean Greenhouse - Plastic Greenhouse - Polycarbonate greenhouse
Here, a rear view of building in progress. The grass has been removed piece by piece … work is very long !
Backyard Greenhouse - DIY Greenhouse - Base Frame Greenhouse - Anchors for greenhouse base
Here, a view of the front of the new garden greenhouse. You can see a concrete block was placed in the center of each 4″ X 4″ X 8′. Supported by compacted crushed rock.
3: Install the side walls structure
Greenhouse framing structure - Greenhouse frame - Wall greenhouse - wood frame greenhouse
To mount the lower walls, simply attach the 2″ X 4″ to 4″ X 4″ base horizontally.
Side walls of the Greenhouse - Do it yourself Greenhouse free Plans - How framing greenhouse
Thereafter, set pieces 2″ X 4″ between two 2″ X 4″ which are vertical. You can use the recovered pieces. This will give the solidity. Use 3″ treated wood screw.
Cheap Greenhouse - Wooden Greenhouse - Plastic Greehouse - Lean Greenhouse - Polycarbonate Greenhouse
The 2″ X 4″ are cut angle of X degrees at their upper end to accommodate the parts which form the roof.
The greenhouse walls - Tomatoes greenhouse - Cucumber Greenhouse - Buy Greenhouse
Front right corner of the greenhouse.
Home greenhouse - Greenhouse growing tips and hints - The Backyard Greenhouse
Left rear corner of the greenhouse.
How to frame Backyard greenhouse - How to build the wooden frame of the greenhouse
View of the left wall of the greenhouse.
Greenhouse basement - Base - Fondation - Walls Garden Greenhouse - Inexpensive Greenhouse
For the left and right wall of the backyard greenhouse.
polycarbonate greenhouse sheets - Polycarbonate greenhouse
For the left and right wall of the garden greenhouse.
Greenhouses plans - Gardening projects at home - Tomatoes growing - Greenhouse Frames
Left and right walls of the greenhouse.
Make a greenhouse - Greenhouses kits - Mini Greenhouse - Cheap Greenhouse
A young worker supervising my work during the solidification of the walls. Through in a 2″ X 4″ is set between each two vertical 2″ X 4″.
Hothouse Plant - Plastic for greenhouse - Family greenhouse - Greenhouse cedar wood frame
It is through the fixed flat treated wood screws 3″. At the top of the vertical 2″ X 4″, I screwed a 2″ X 4″ to give strength to the walls and roof.
Tips and hints to build a greenhouse - Homesteading plans - DIY Greenhouse Frame
St Andrew Cross 1″ X 3″. (woodworking technique)
4: Build front and end walls frame
Greenhouse hardware and supplies - Greenhouse seed - Build hoop house
Here are the 2″ X 4″ will be used to mount the roof structure. All sawing at an angle of X degrees.
Wooden greenhouse frame - Hydroponic greenhouse - Greenhouse framing
View of greenhouse front and side.
Garden Greenhouse - Greenhouse roof framing - Greenhouse woodworking project
Interior view of the installation of timber roof structure.
How to build polycarbonate greenhouse - Angle wood brackets
Brackets used to consolidate the junction of planks 2″ X 4″ roof and walls.
Greenhouse building - Yard Greenhouse - The Greenhouses Plans - DIY Greenhouse
Brackets consolidate the junction of planks 2″ X 4″ roof and walls. These wives angle.
USA greenhouse - Recovered windows for greenhouse project - Greenhouse with recovered material
Building the structure to support my old home recycled windows.
How to Install Greenhouse Door - How to build a hoop house
Frame and installation of the door.
Recovered Windows for greenhouse - Install greenhouse windows
Windows installation and adjustment crank. Recycled from old windows of the house (When I improve house).
Greenhouse kits - Recycled door and windows for greenhouse - Hoop house
Interior view of the front end of the greenhouse.
American Greenhouse - Greenhouse growing - Sell Greenhouse - Buy inexpensive greenhouse
Far view of inexpensive greenhouse building ! Big job ! On this picture you can see my artificial creek project.
5: Frame a Greenhouse Roof
Planning a Greenhouse - Greenhouse building materials - Build Garden Greenhouse
Adding two central columns with 4″ X 4″ 10 feet. They are mounted on anchorages. On these columns, 2 beams 4″ X 4″ 12 feet long each.
The lean-to Greenhouse - Greenhouse supplies - Cheap Greenhouse - Seed greenhouse
Attach the beams 12 feet with metal plates in the center.
Building perfect greenhouse - Greenhouse seeds - Weed Greenhouse
This requires a little adjustment. Note: Ideally should have put a support beam under the seal (where you can see the metal plate).
DIY Roof Greenhouse frame - Greenhouse DIY Project Plan
A 2″ X 4″ temporarily installed can help us keep the planks from the farm to secure them to the central beam.
Greenhouse grow lights - Building a mini greenhouse - Greenhouse Lamps
Installation sides of the roof trusses. Work done !
Greenhouse frame kit - Installing the polyethylene sheeting
Everything is now stronger !
Planning and Building a Greenhouse - Free Plans - How to build a inexpensive greenhouse
Of work performed. The structure is well advanced.
Cedar shed greenhouse kit - Greenhouse equipment kits - Greenhouse Pictures
Installation of 2 pieces of 2″ X 4″ truss to solidify the structure. Note: Very handy for setting fasteners that help to hold the tomato plants.
6: Installation of polyethylene plastic film
Greenhouse polyethylene film - Install greenhouse plastic cover
We are ready for the installation of plastic (tarp) polyethylene. Note: I suggest you get help from a friend to complete this step. Purchase and Warranty: I bought my roll of polyethylene to Farming Hardware Center. I bought the medium quality (Thickness: 4 micrometer). 5 years warranty.
Greenhouse polyethylene film - Roll of polyethylene - Polycarbonate walls panels
Setup of the greenhouse plastic roll before install it.
Polycarbonate Greenhouse - Plastic Greenhouse polyethylene film
For openings must pass the polyethylene film not on as if they did not exist. Thereafter, go around the opening with 1″ X 3″ screwed and cut with a utility knife inside.
How to install polyethylene film on the Greenhouse frame - Greenhouse covering - Poly Films Greenhouses
Be careful with sharp joints, especially the roof. They could rip your plastic sheet. A good sanding pieces of wood helps prevent everything. Polyethylene is a good material for Lean Greenhouse or attached greenhouse too.
7: Exterior Greenhouse Finishing
Purchasing Greenhouse - Greenhouse Plan - Greenhouse models - Greenhouse grower
To the base of the greenhouse can be laid in the earth. Ideal for creating new flowerbeds.
Greenhouses Plans - Acces Ramp for Greenhouse - Wood frame Greenhouse
A ramp to access to the greenhouse is useful and practical. We can then bring to a wheelbarrow.
Hothouse - Greenhouse Ramp and Ventilation - Font of the Wooden Greenhouse plan
Front of the greenhouse. The windows open well and allow a natural ventilation.
How to Prevent Weed on the Ground Greenhouse - Greenhouse Ground - Greenhouse edging
Installation of plate around the base of the greenhouse to prevent the weed to invade the greenhouse.
Insulating Base of the Greenhouse - Building GreenhouseTips and Hints - Greenhouses Pictures
Replace the ground up to ensure proper insulation.
8: Finishing the greenhouse interior
Tomatoes Plants in the Greenhouse - How to Grow Greenhouse Tomatoes - Greenhouse Wood Framing
Install hooks to attach ropes.
Greenhouse Québec - Greenhouse USA - Structure Greenhouse Building - Hot house
Wood preservation with linseed oil cedar color.
Build Glasshouse - Lean to Greenhouse - Hothouse plant - Seedlings tables - Hydroponic Greenhouse
Front view of the greenhouse interior.
9: Shelves – Grow Boxes – Potting Bench
Wooden Grow boxes Greenhouse - Greenhouse wooden tray - Interior Greenhouse setup
Planter boxes construction / wooden boxes in the center and both sides of the greenhouse. Using recycled 2″ X 8″ from the old deck.
Grow boxes - Winter greenhouse - Soil for greenhouse grow box - Build Grow boxes
Adding vertical posts and horizontal studs to solidify the greenhouse structure. Even during the winter the ground is still frozen. We can therefore work for the spring.
Watering in the Greenhouse - Potting bench with sink and Grow Boxes - Greenhouse watering system
Watering plants and additions hooks for storing tools. Very funny to gardening with this greenhouse planter boxes.
How to build a trellis for climbing cucumber- Grid for cucumber in greenhouse - Removable Greenhouse Panel trellis
Making a removable grid for cucumber vines. Mobile panel trellis!
Potting bench with sink soil - Build Potting bench Free Plan - Ideas for greenhouse design
Build small potting bench for easy work. Over it, the seedlings trays.
Plastic Laundry tub for soil sink Potting bench - Potting bench Building idea - Potting bench ideas
Retrieving a plastic laundry tub. Fill the hole and fill with soil. Ideal for planting and keep the area clean. Its a nice and cheap soil sink !
Linseed oil to preserve wood greenhouse - Stain for greenhouse wood frame
The 1″ X 3″ above the tables were stained with linseed oil cedar color.
Greenhosue Electric box system - Heated Greenhouse - Winterize Greenhouse
Electrical box to heat during the spring. 60 amp circuit breaker installed.
Greenhouse covering ideas - Greenhouse winter season - Plastic Greenhouse borne by snow and ice
The plastic cover is very strong!
Greenhouse snow - Snow slide off Greenhouse - Pitch of the greenhouse building - Greenhouse pitch angle - Buy greenhouse
Snow slides on the sides of the garden greenhouse. 90{a30e0c09ff70771d4c2559ca452283db427b609927687ae1d17157c286cad949} of the winter time, there is no snow on the roof. In addition, snowpack for insulation at the opening of the greenhouse in the spring. Pitch angle = 18 degrees

Read More: Build Wood Greenhouse – Polycarbonate Greenhouse Hoop House USA Plans

Audi Ad Was Shot Using 1/43 Scale Models And A Homemade Desert

Miniature photography master Felix Hernandez was tasked with the job of creating a scene to shoot the new Audi ad. While this may not sound too complicated, you should remember that not only did he create it all in miniature, he also created the whole scene in his own studio!

Felix was asked to make the ad for Audi’s new Q2, which was to look as if it was shot in Dubai. Normally working with 1/18 models, the new task was a challenge for him. The scenery was made using foam, sandpaper and LED’s to create the roads for the tiny cars. The desert he created using a fine powder mixed with water, which was then shaped into the sand dunes.

“Were I normally work with 1/18 scale models, for the Q2 launch I was commissioned to do a series of photographies using a 1/43 scale model,” explains Felix. “This was my first time doing this kind of photography with such a small model.”

Felix did actually manage to get a trip to Dubai, with his friend Adrian Sommeling, so that they could get a shot of the iconic skyline. They needed to create a shot of the Audi in front of the Middle Eastern landscape.

The final pictures are amazing, and the video which you can see here, shows us just how impressive the creations are. Felix has managed to make the miniature Audi cars look as if the are full sized, not to mention the scenery looking as if we could be walking there ourselves. Using his practical skills of modelling, and combining them with amazing photography, and then using Photoshop to enhance the scenes, we have a great advert, which was done on a budget.

The progress is showcased right from the start of the project in his studio, in Cancun, Mexico and goes on to show us the finished advert. Even the most discerning viewer will have a problem telling the model sand dunes from the real ones, the model roads from actual ones, and the tiny cars from the full scale ones.

Source: PetaPixel

This Is Why You Don’t Want To Trash Your Clients On FB

Before you post anything on Facebook, you should always think about it. Think about what you say, who it will hurt, and what impact it may have on you and your career. Here is an instant when a photographer just did not think before she reacted.

Katrina Ortiz had hired Desiree Genera to take some pictures of her while she was pregnant. The shoot went well, and they agreed a date when the pictures would be ready. So far, so good.

Things started to go wrong when Katrina asked (on the expected date) if her pictures were ready. It was then that Desiree let her mouth run away from her, posting that Katrina was rushing her. She went even further to record a very nasty video calling the expectant mom names such as ‘fat thighs’, and made comments about her stretch marks, cellulite and the wig.

It is almost embarrassing to watch the video and hear the names she calls Katrina. Maybe she thinks that there is some logic to the thought that ‘any publicity is good publicity’. Wrong! Reading the text from Katrina, it seems that the mom-to-be was just being polite and asked if her pictures were ready, only to be met with a barrage of insults and abuse from the photographer, who claimed she was so busy, and was being rushed.

Image result for Facebook

Now, any other photographer worth his salt will tell you that there are things that you say, and then there are things that you definitely do not say, no matter what you feel about your client. Insulting pregnant ladies is one of those things.

It begs the question that if she really was that busy, when did she find the time to record the video? Would she not have been better just with a quick answer and then press on with her busy workload?

Whatever her thoughts, the comments and the video have done Desiree no good at all, in fact they have harmed her reputation. She should have learned by now that you never, EVER, slag off a pregnant lady. It is just not the done thing! You will only get what you deserve, and she certainly did, with people going so far as to leave very negative comments on her business page.

People went so far as to dig up dirt on the photographer about shoots which she had done, that they considered unprofessional. It seems that she has a history of letting her mouth get the better of her on more than one occasion.

This comes very close to a case of cyberbullying, and one viewer even suggested Katrina sue the photographer for being unprofessional. One thing is sure, her business has most certainly suffered because of her big mouth.

Source: Digital Photography School

Roving RV Offering Mobile Salon And Spa Services While Spreading Encouragement

Most people think of mobile homes as places to live, but this one is different! Completely the opposite, in fact. Kirsten DiCarlo, owner of the FabUBus, has transformed this RV into a special place for women.

The 40 foot RV has been converted into a mobile salon and spa, offering massages, manicures and hair styling. Kirsten says that when someone first walks in, they do not expect it to be a fully fitted salon.

“Some people are a little surprised and maybe a little suspect,” said Kirsten. “Then they walk on and they’re like ‘I can’t believe how big it is; I can’t believe this is really what it is.’”

Kirsten, who has appointed herself as the Chief Glam Officer, says that women deserve to be pampered. Most women work a very long week, and often have to forego things like pedicures in favour of football games.

“The idea was to take the luxurious feeling of a spa and the efficiency of a salon and then add in that convenience of where women spend most of their day,” added Kirsten. “The idea of this was that women do deserve to pamper ourselves.”

The FabUBus travels around to convenient places where women can be pampered for a short time.

“When we have extra time, we don’t give it to ourselves,” said Kirsten.  “We give it to other people, our friends, family, jobs.”

Kirsten is of the opinion that a little bit of lipstick and a few words of encouragement go a long way to making women feel appreciated.

“I do believe that women that feel beautiful can do beautiful things.”

The RV can go to any spot it can park for events and parties. To book the FabUBus and learn more, visit their website here.

Source: WIVB News 4

For All Knitters – Here Is The Best Yarn Video You’ll Ever Watch

If you’re looking for a sweet story or just love knitting or crocheting, you simply have to watch this delightful video called Knit One posted by Sky Machine on Vimeo. It is guaranteed to leave you with a lovely warm, fuzzy feeling!

This charming story was written by Claire d’Este, directed by Clare Gray and produced by Clare Gray and Shaun Wilson. It was made in 2012 for Wide Angle Tasmania. The quirky short video tells the story of Sadie, an avid knitter whose husband dies. She’s filled with grief and develops a rather sweet, if somewhat strange, obsession with knitting.

The video is sweet and charming, with some excellent acting. So, if you’re in need of a bit of cheering up, love knitting or simply have a few minutes to spare, you just can’t miss this lovely story. And you’ll never think of knitting in the same way again!

Source: Vimeo

This Woman Used Photoshop To Trick Husband Into Thinking She Adopted A Coyote

Metro has a brilliant post by Hattie Gladwell about a young woman who used Photoshop to trick her unsuspecting husband into believing that she had adopted a wild coyote!

Photoshop is an amazing tool, especially if you’re looking to pull a prank on someone. One young woman used it to pull an epic prank on her poor husband. Kayla Eby, from Oregon, USA, managed to convince her husband, Justin, that she believed a photograph of a wild coyote was a photograph of a pet dog.

She sent him the picture of the wild coyote, and a text telling him that she found the lost “dog” on the side of the road. Then she texted him to say that she’d rescued the dog and taken it home with her. Eventually she sent Justin a picture of their son sitting next to the coyote on their couch. Kayla had photoshopped the coyote into the picture, but Justin freaked out, thinking his wife had adopted a wild animal!

This is how the conversation between the two went:


Justin wasn’t exactly happy since his son was sitting right next to the ‘dog’:


Kayla tries to convince her husband that she wanted to keep it as a pet: 


She also said that she had wanted to get a dog for Christmas:


But then Justin just continued to freak out:


Justin freaked out even more when Kayla sent another Photoshoped photo:






11.jpgFinally, she let Justin on the prank:


Source: Mirror