The Most Searched Travel Destinations Of The Year

Every year google releases their ‘Year in Search‘ and not surprising, travel was one of the most popular searches made. Other ‘most searched for’ through the years were people and things. It seems that travel is the number one reason for most people to press the ‘search’ button. Not surprising really, as there is a bit of travel adventurer in all of us. We all long to go and explore those far away places, with romantic sounding names!

Google selected the top 23 most searched for places, ranging from Romania to Reykjavik. The list will not only give you the top 23 places that have been searched, but also the reason why they were searched, and some of the reasons people want to know about the place are just not what you would expect.

Check out the list, you may find that you’ve visited some of them yourself!

23. Tulum, Mexico

Point of interest: Ancient ruins in Tulum

23. Tulum, Mexico
Ancient ruins, Tulum, Mexicotommaso lizzul/Shutterstock

22. Reykjavik, Iceland

Point of interest: The city itself was the attraction here

22. Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik, Icelandvictoriaashman / iStock

21. Havana, Cuba

Point of interest: The parade in Havana

21. Havana, Cuba
A parade in Havana, CubaLembiBuchanan / iStock

20. Shibuya, Toyko, Japan

Point of interest: Shibuya Crossing, Toyko

20. Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, JapanSeanPavonePhoto / iStock

19. Palm Springs, California

Point of interest: Movie Neighbourhood, Palm Springs

19. Palm Springs, California
Movie Colony Neighborhood, Palm Springs, Californiathinkreaction / iStock

18. Baghdad, Iraq

Point of interest: Al Faw Palace, Baghdad

18. Baghdad, Iraq
Al Faw Palace, Baghdad, IraqLeeCraker / iStock

17. Flint, Michigan

Point of interest: Downtown Flint

17. Flint, Michigan
Downtown Flint, MichiganLindaParton / iStock

16. Oaxaca, Mexico

Point of interest: Petrified waterfalls, Oaxaca

16. Oaxaca, Mexico
Petrified waterfalls, Oaxaca, MexicoAnduin82 / iStock

15. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Point of interest: Inside the Old City Hall

15. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Interior of the Old City Hall, Baton Rouge, LouisianaErik Larson / iStock

14. Northern Ireland

Point of interest: Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge, County Antrim

14. Northern Ireland
Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge, County Antrim, Northern Irelandbnoragitt / iStock

13. Charlotte, North Carolina

Point of interest: Queens Road West, Charlotte

13. Charlotte, North Carolina

12. Romania

Point of interest: Bran, Transylvania

12. Romania
Bran, Transylvania, RomaniaJanoka82 / iStock

11. Istanbul

Point of interest: Inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

11. Istanbul
The interior of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkeyrognar / iStock

10. Panama

Point of interest: Bocas del Toro, Panama

10. Panama
Bocas del Toro, PanamaTim cook / Unsplash

9. Nice, France

Point of interest: The city of Nice

9. Nice, France
Nice, Francemonticello / iStock

8. Dallas, Texas

Point of interest: The iconic Dallas skyline

8. Dallas, Texas
Dallas skyline, Texasdibrova / iStock

7. Brussels, Belgium

Point of interest: Grand Palace, Brussels

7. Brussels, Belgium
Grand Place, Brussels, BelgiumLindrik / iStock

6. Munich, Germany

Point of interest: Isar River, Munich

6. Munich, Germany
Isar River, Munich, GermanySean Pavone/Shutterstock

5. Poland

Point of interest: Wawel Hill, Krakow

5. Poland
Wawel Hill, Krakow, PolandRolfSt / iStock

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Point of interest: Selarón Steps, Rio de Janeiro

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Selarón steps, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilfilipefrazao / iStock

3. Portugal

Point of interest: Ericeira, Portugal

3. Portugal
Ericeira, PortugalChristoffer Engström / Uplash

2. Orlando, Florida

Point of interest: Lake Eola Park, Orlando

2. Orlando, Florida
Lake Eola Park, Orlando, FloridaArrangements-Photography / iStock

1. France

Point of interest: Strasbourg, France

1. France
Strasbourg, Franceyasson7 / iStock

Source: Business Insider

This Photographer Accidentally Shot The WRONG Proposal

A photographer in Arkansas thought he was doing the right thing by photographing a man proposing to his sweetheart. And it would have been the right thing, had it not been the wrong couple!

Jacob Peters from  JP Photography, was contacted by a gentleman in Wisconsin who wanted a photographer to secretly photograph him proposing to his girlfriend. The proposal was going to take place at the romantic spot of Hawksbill Crag.

In order to arrive before the couple and be all ready, Peters got up at 2.30am, packed up 30 pounds of gear and headed out to Whitaker’s Point in Arkansas’ Ozark National Forest. He parked in up at 4.45am and hiked up to the point, where he was ready at 6am, as planned. It may have occurred to him that there was no cell phone service, but before he had waited too long, a happy couple arrived.

A photographer made an expensive mistake last weekend when he accidentally photographed the wrong couple's proposal, completely missing his client's shot
A photographer made an expensive mistake last weekend when he accidentally photographed the wrong couple’s proposal, completely missing his client’s shot

Peter, discreetly hidden, began shooting the couple. The man duly got down on one knee, pulled out a ring and popped the question. It was obvious by the girl’s reaction that she had said yes.

“She turns around and starts crying and hugs him and it’s obvious she said yes and all went well,” Peters says.

Jacob Peters (pictured) said that he was contacted several days ago by a man in Wisconsin who needed a photographer to sneakily capture a romantic sunrise engagement at a popular landmark known as Hawksbill Crag
Jacob Peters (pictured) said that he was contacted several days ago by a man in Wisconsin who needed a photographer to sneakily capture a romantic sunrise engagement at a popular landmark known as Hawksbill Crag

He continued snapping even after the couple sat down and began to enjoy the sunrise.

At 2.30am on Saturday, May 6, Peters woke up and headed out to Arkansas' Ozark National Forrest to make his way up towards the crag
At 2.30am on Saturday, May 6, Peters woke up and headed out to Arkansas’ Ozark National Forrest to make his way up towards the crag
At 6.17am, a young couple, who he assumed were the couple he was meant to be photographing, walked onto Hawksbill Crag in the distance, and Peters began shooting
At 6.17am, a young couple, who he assumed were the couple he was meant to be photographing, walked onto Hawksbill Crag in the distance, and Peters began shooting
After a few minutes standing and taking in the view, the man pulled out a ring, got down on his knee and asked the young woman to be his wife
After a few minutes standing and taking in the view, the man pulled out a ring, got down on his knee and asked the young woman to be his wife

‘Job well done’, thought Peters, and packed up, hiked back to his car and drove home. He texted the guy to say that they shots had come out well, and then took a well deserved nap.

“I send the guy a text saying congratulations,” Peters recounts. “I’m glad it all worked out and then I take a nap since I was very exhausted.”

Imagine the shock when he woke to read the reply!

“I’m confused, we never saw you and we got there a little late, are you sure it was us? I was in a blue plaid shirt…”

The couple had arrived late, and had never seen Peters! On further texting it turned out that he had indeed photographed the wrong couple! Basically he had spent 6 ½ hours and $40 in gas to shoot 450 shots of the wrong couple!

“At first, kind of upset at myself,” Peters said. “I had just ordered a new camera and this shoot was going to go towards that. And I knew I wasn’t going to charge someone for work I didn’t do. I told my wife what happened and then immediately thought, they had to have seen me and thought I was some creeper in the woods with my camera and 70-200 taking pictures of them.”

“After a few days I figured I have photos that I’m sure this couple probably would like to have so why not try to find them,” he said.

Peters decided that the couple might actually like to have the pictures so he posted on Facebook, and amazingly, he got a reply from the couple, who were delighted that they had shots they did not even know of, taken of that most special day.

“I was hoping they were local but that didn’t matter,” says Peters. “They are from Dallas and they were sent a link to the post from a photographer they were going to hire. Within 4 hours I found out who they were and they couldn’t have been happier.”

Peters said that he hopes he can make it up to his client by doing another romantic photo shoot with them, and has started a GoFundMe to try to raise enough money to make that happen
Peters said that he hopes he can make it up to his client by doing another romantic photo shoot with them, and has started a GoFundMe to try to raise enough money to make that happen

Peters has said that he intends to make right with the couple he should have been shooting, by a romantic shoot with them. He has turned to crowdfunding to raise the money to finish the job with them.

Source: Daily Mail

Homeschool Dad Sues Federal Government For Kidnapping His Seven Children

A landmark lawsuit has been filed in Arkansas by a family against the Child Protective Services. Parents Hal Stanley and his wife Michelle feel they have been targeted by the CPS for doing nothing more than wanting to take care of their family of seven children.

It seems that the FDA has it’s own rules and regulations regarding the treatment of sick children, and when it was discovered that Hal and Michelle kept a supply of the dietary supplement known as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) in their home, the FDA and the CPS took action against the family.

MMS is thought to treat diseases like Aids and some cancers, although it is not recognised by the FDA because it is a natural substance.

Armed forces along with CPS officials raided the family home, and – as if that was not enough – they then kidnapped the 7 children at gunpoint and held them for months on trivial charges!

What has become clear is that government officials violated several constitutional rights such as unlawful procedure, due process and familial association. Taking into account the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments, those involved had lied to the courts and fabricated the evidence to keep the children locked up.

Family lawyer Joe Churchill says that this has happened frequently in the country, and it is an uphill battle to win the case because the state of Arkansas refuses to admit that there were wrong in what it did to the family.

Churchill said that in a country which is supposed to be classed as ‘the land of the free’, this was a terrible thing to happen to a family who went off the grid and just wanted to keep themselves to themselves. They never did anything wrong or illegal, but were punished very harshly for doing something that they see as correct.

It seems that it is often the case when such families do try to raise their children in their own way, that they are targeted by authorities and punished. Churchill says he knows of many cases where families have been treated badly because they veer from the accepted social path.

The family has since set up a fundraising page called ‘But we see Jesus’ where any donations will be used to cover costs of the lawsuit.

Churchill says that the aim of the lawsuit is to seek redress, and also relief to force the government to accept that the Bill of Rights comes into play in this and similar cases.

“We are seeking redress because we are entitled under the law,” Joe Churchwell, wrote in a recent letter. “We will be seeking injunctive relief to force the government to recognize the Bill of Rights.”

Hal and Michelle say that they are not continuing with the lawsuit as a way to make any money, it has become a part of their campaign for accountability, and is the first step in the direction of accepting the family has the right to be a family without being persecuted for this.

“We’re not doing this because we want to or because we think we’re going to get rich,” the letter adds. “This isn’t simply a lawsuit, this is one part of the campaign for accountability and one step in the journey to take back our families’ right to be families.”

Source: Natural News

Family Which Called 999 For Ambulance 2,077 Times In One Year Is Revealed As Call Handlers Prepare For New Year’s Eve Chaos

Busy 999 services are being stretched thin by ‘frequent callers’, including one household in Sheffield, South Yorkshire that has called for an ambulance over 2,000 times in just one year.

In this and many other similar situations, someone is taken for medical care via ambulance on less than one percent of calls. The 2,077 calls to the Sheffield property, for example, have led to just five trips to the hospital.

Medical experts have cautioned that the expense of these ‘frequent callers’ is about £20 million annually, and it endangers other callers who need actual life-saving care.

Altogether, there are nine homes that have that have called emergency services at least 500 times in the past year. It’s created an increasing amount of pressure on a program that already has a heavy workload.

Those in charge of the ambulance services have previously said that these repeat callers “make it harder for us to reach others with more serious or potentially life-threatening conditions”.

A leading researcher at Newcastle University’s Institute of Health and Society, Jason Scott, is studying the issue. He has found that most recurring 999 callers use the service at times when other providers are not open.

Scott said, “We’ve found that frequent callers plummet well below the average from around 9 am, but when it gets to 5 pm or 6 pm at night, that’s when you see the levels soar.

“It’s often because they don’t have access to other services at this time and use the ambulance services as a ‘last resort’.

“It’s not at all unique to the UK and we’ve seen the same patterns in Spain, Australia and other countries.

“The biggest misconception is that these a malicious or vexatious calls. Often these are people suffering from mental health conditions or social conditions such as isolation whose needs aren’t being met elsewhere in the system.”

It costs about £8 to respond to each emergency call, which means the worst offenders rack up nearly £30,000 annually.

About 1,600 people made over 50,000 of the calls to the London Ambulance Service in 2016, which cost £4.4 million in total.

A Yorkshire Ambulance Service spokeswoman said they attempt to create unique care plans for repeat callers after identifying those who need assistance.

Other ambulance services have prosecuted repeat callers after determining that their actions were malicious.

Mother With 6 Negative Pregnancy Tests Gives Birth Just ONE DAY After Doctor Confirmed She Was Pregnant

Most mother’s to be have several months to prepare for the birth of their baby. This was not the case with a mother who gave birth just one day after finding out she was pregnant!

The mother was shocked when she went for a routine check up, only to be told that she was two months pregnant. Her doctor did not realize just how wrong he had been when she went into labour 24 hours later and delivered a healthy baby boy.

After six pregnancy tests came back negative the mother carried on her life as normal, working overtime at her job, going rock climbing eight months into her term and even falling down the stairs when she was five months pregnant! She showed absolutely no signs of being pregnant.

Her boss was the only person who suspected that she may have been pregnant, but any suggestions were shrugged of and put down to just being fat. A healthy, happy baby boy proved everyone wrong!

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

Amanda shares:

“When I first found out I was pregnant, I was shocked.”

“I always thought that pregnancy would be a pretty obvious thing.”

“One of the strangest things is looking back at the time I was pregnant and realising all of the crazy things I did.”

“I fell down a flight of stairs while holding my cat at five months pregnant, sat for a five hour tattoo session at six months, and at seven months, I went on a week long trip to Virginia with my friend Jess.”

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

“While we were there, we went hiking and I decided I wanted to climb some rocks.”

“There’s a really great picture of me crouching on top of a rock I climbed, and I love showing it to people and pointing out that I gave birth a month after that picture was taken.”

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

The pastry chef from Rocky Hill in Connecticut, USA, did not show any significant signs of being pregnant. When she put on a little weight, Amanda believed she was just bloated, while her friends even told her she lost weight. She also put down her mild morning sickness to a bug that had been going around at work.

“I felt a little bloated, but I had actually lost weight,” she said.

“I had been trying to see a doctor for a while, but it kept getting put off.”

“I didn’t think there was anything serious going on.”

“The only noticeable symptom I had was my missed period, which was what led me to take pregnancy tests.”

Amanda took six pregnancy test from two months to five months, but all showed negative results. She said:

“It was funny that everyone commented how it looked like I had lost weight.”

“I was eight months pregnant at the time.”

“My boss was the only person who thought I looked pregnant.”

“I laughing saying things like, ‘Nope, not pregnant. Just fat.'”

Pregnancy cravings and morning sickness were also brushed off by Amanda with seemingly straightforward explanations.

The initial news that she was pregnant was a shock, but Francis, who has always wanted kids, felt she had time enough to prepare

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

“As far as morning sickness goes,” she said, “I was mildly sick for a couple of weeks, but I thought it was just a stomach bug because everyone at work seemed to be sick, as well.”

“I did have a strange craving for Chipotle almost every day. Now I don’t care for it.”

“I also had a very difficult time finishing a meal. I was never really hungry at all,” she added.

Luckily Amanda steered clear of alcohol during her pregnancy, claiming she just had an aversion to it while she was carrying little Kellin. It was during a visit to her primary care doctor, who ran blood test, that Amanda was told she was two months pregnant.

The news was a surprising one for Amanda, but she has always wanted kids, felt she had enough time to prepare.

She said: “I found out a day before I had Kellin that I was supposedly two months pregnant.”

“I was scared about the idea of giving birth.”

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

“I was confused and in tears. I was happy, because I’ve always wanted kids, but I didn’t exactly expect it to happen like this.”

During the night of her labor, believing she was only 2 months pregnant, Amanda feared the worst when the pain started to increase:

“That night, I started having what I thought was cramps and some spotting,” she said.

“The following morning, I went into work as usual, but the cramps had gotten so bad I could barely stand.”

“I went to the emergency room, convinced I was having a miscarriage.”

“They did an ultrasound right away, and I remember hearing the ultrasound tech saying ‘My God’ under her breath, so I was crying and prepared to hear the worst from the doctor.”

“I was absolutely in shock when he told me I was actually eight months pregnant and in labour.”

“I couldn’t stop crying. I had no idea what I was going to do. It was certainly a crazy day.”

“The only thoughts going through my head were that I wasn’t prepared, that I wasn’t going to be able to keep the baby and that I was going to have to place him for adoption.”

Amanda Francis has revealed her shock of giving birth the day after finding out she was pregnant

Her baby was in the breach position and therefore the doctors had to perform a caesarean:

“It was all so scary. Everything seemed to happen so quickly,” Amanda said.

“Once I had him I had decided that I was going to do everything possible to keep him and not place him for adoption.”

Nine hours after going into labour, and only 24 hours after discovering she was pregnant, 4lbs 3oz Kellin was born. Supportive family and friends rallied together to provide baby clothes and essentials for the new mum after the shock arrival.

“It’s definitely been a little bit of a struggle since becoming a mum,” Amanda admits.

“I had no idea how to take care of babies, or how to parent at all.”There was definitely an adjustment period, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.”

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Bass Fishing – 5 Little Mistakes That Make A Huge Difference

If you’re an avid angler, you should spend a few minutes reading this post. It explains how five small mistakes can make an enormous difference to your success as an angler. And be sure to check out some of the other great posts on the site!

While every angler has his or her own unique tricks, there are some things that every angler should really avoid doing! These little mistakes can make a huge difference. If you learn about these little mistakes that many anglers make, you can avoid them. And this will improve your bass-catching efficiency quite dramatically. 

These small errors include common things like talking so much that you don’t concentrate on what you’re doing, wasting time when you should be fishing and changing lures too often. So spend a few minutes learning which tiny mistakes to avoid making, and you’ll be rewarded with more catches!

5. Changing lures too frequently

If you’re changing lures, you’re not fishing. Sometimes hooking a big fish just means getting something (anything) in the right spot at the right time. But if you’re changing lures instead of casting, you might let that structure zip by and miss your opportunity. That’s why you should stick to confidence baits when the bite is slow.

Image result for lures for bass

4. The plop

During slow stints, the first thing to go down the drain is care about how the lure you’re casting or pitching lands in the water. A big, fat plop usually doesn’t get the result you want. Silence is deadly.

3. Too much jibber-jaber:

Image result for talking while fishing

Too much talk often equals too little concentration. Some of the all-time great bass anglerssay very little during the day, sometimes to the point of being Zen-like.

2. More fishing, less time wasting

Image result for fishing

The moments that make the biggest difference often occur infrequently and when you least expect them. Spending 35 minutes sipping on a Fanta and spooling up your crankbait rod during the critical morning bite, you’re not putting fish in the boat.

1. The angle of the dangle

Image result for Texas-rigged plastic with a kink

Recognize that a Texas-rigged plastic with a kink or bend in it (see photo), or a jig trailer that’s hanging halfway off the hook makes a big difference in getting bites. Take the time to make sure worms and plastics are rigged straight and dangling true.

Source: Bass Fishing Herald

Check Out These 32 FREE Sock Knitting Patterns

We have a long list of sock knitting patterns and they’re all free! 

Have you ever knitted socks before? If not, there’s a great tutorial that will teach you exactly how to knit your own socks. If you already know how to knit socks, you can skip the tutorial and head straight for the 32 fabulous free sock patterns.

The beautiful patterns have all sorts of lovely designs which feature twisted stitches, different types of cables and even some lace elements. They include Twisted Hourglass Socks, Cross Country Socks, Viking Socks and many more.

These socks are so pretty that they will make wonderful gifts for your friends and family. Or you can spoil yourself and knit a lovely pair for yourself. So grab you yarn and knitting needles and start knitting so pretty socks!

b 1. Fireweeds Socks
2. Love Socks
3. Vellamo
4. Water for the Elephants


1. Socks with star pattern
2. Socks with Reindeer
3. Socks with Norwegian Pattern and Cables on Cuff
4. Socks with Pattern

a 1. Socks with Pattern
2. Long Socks with Icelandic Pattern
3. Irish Dream Socks
4. Worsted Fair Isle Socks


1. Lau Socks
2. Kalajoki Socks
3. Maeva Socks
4. Spiegel Socks

d 1. Cross Country Socks
2. Tribute Socks
3. Aragorn Socks
4. Baroque Socks


1. Magic Mirror Socks
2. The Daughter Heir Socks
3. Banyan Tree Socks
4. Hourglass Socks


1. Polly Jean Socks
2. Viking Socks
3. Twisted Hourglass Socks
4. Diamond Rib Socks

1. Brigit Socks
2. Bayerische Socks
3. Liab Socks
4. Giulietta Socks

This Tutorial Teaches You How To Make A Sturdy Fabric Basket

Do you enjoy doing crafts? If so, you just can’t miss this fantastic post by the staff at Quilting Digest! It has a pattern for handy sturdy fabric baskets that you can make yourself. And don’t forget to have a look at some of the other great posts while you’re there. You’re sure to find a whole host of exciting new projects.

Sturdy fabric baskets are incredibly useful to have all around your house. You can use them for decoration or to store your things in an attractive way. You can make baskets from fabric that matches your home’s existing decor. You can also give them to your friends and family as gifts.

Make a basket out of a fabric that you know they’ll love and fill the basket with other small gifts or snacks. The pattern for this great basket allows you to make it with or without handles, so it really is a very customizable project.

Sizing/Finished Measurements

8″ wide x 5″ high x 5″ deep

Supplies needed

  • Peltex Ultra Firm Single Sided Fusible 71F
  • One FQ quilting cotton for lining
  • One FQ quilting cotton or linen for outer
  • Embroidery floss for stitching handles
  • Optional leather scraps or old belt for handles

Click here for the free “Sturdy Fabric Basket” pattern.

Source: Quilting Digest

Fitness Model Known For Her ‘Iron Butt’ Reveals Insane Workout From Behind

Do you want to learn how to get an “iron bum”? If you do, you need to check out this brilliant article written by Esra Gurkan for the Mail Online. A gorgeous fitness model with an “iron bum” will show you how in her workout video that was filmed from behind!

Bakhar Nabieva is a 22-year-old fitness model who has been called “Miss Iron Bum” in honor of her rock-hard behind. Nabieva, who is currently living in the city of Dnipropetrovsk in western Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, is a dark-haired beauty of Azerbaijani descent.

She has a very popular Instagram account, with countless fans. She says she went from being skinny to having a perfectly toned derriere by following a strict workout plan. She decided to share it with her fans. And the whole thing is filmed from behind, with her beautiful butt as the star of the show. And it really is a star, as the video has had over 439,000 views!

Bakhar Nabieva, 22, who lives in the city of Dnipropetrovsk in western Ukraine's Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, has won a legion of fans thanks to her rock-hard posterior 

Bakhar, who is of Azerbaijani origin, said before she worked out: 'I was a very skinny child, had thin legs, and all my classmates made fun of me 

Bakhar talks about her transformation from being the ‘skinny child’ to ‘the girl with the iron butt’:

“I was a very skinny child, had thin legs, and all my classmates made fun of me.”

“So I decided to change the situation, I was tired of people looking at me. I started going to the gym, and had no idea how to build an exercise routine correctly so I just started working on the physical part, and one day I woke up and looked in the mirror and I saw some muscles.”

“Once I saw the result of developing muscles nothing could stop me.”

Local media has described Bakhar as a fitness goddess with 'an insane body, with curves bigger than the earth we stand on'

She has since been nicknamed the 'Girl with the Iron Bum' and has become an online sensation with over 725k followers on Instagram

After posting her video she’s gained a lot of praises from other people:

“oh my gooooooooooooooooooood”

“you are in excellent shape.”

“Absolutely… BEAUTIFUL. Along with the rest of your physique. I want to touch.”

“Keep it up girl work harder”

“that ass tho”

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5 Terrific Garden Pathways That You Shouldn’t Miss

Here’s a fantastic post about some terrific garden pathway ideas that you can’t miss! These are all gorgeous pathway ideas that you can do yourself to add some interest to your garden. And don’t forget to have a look at some of the other wonderful ideas on the site!

If you’re an avid gardener, you already know that a well-designed pathway can add so much to a garden. It can be used as a major feature or simply to add some interest or color to a garden. While some pathways are difficult to build and require expert help, these are simple enough for you to create yourself. They include wood pathways, brick pathways, stone pathways and even some spectacular mosaic pathways.

Whatever style of garden you have, you’ll find a type of pathways that will work in it. So have a look at these brilliant pathways to find some inspiration for a lovely pathway of your own!

Image result for backyard landscaping ideas on a budget

Brick Pathways

Image result for garden path ideas

Tile Pathways

Image result for garden paths

Wood Pathways

Image result for garden ideas on a budget

Stone Pathways

Image result for ideas for garden paths

Image result for side yard landscaping

Image result for small garden landscape

Image result for colorful garden

Mosaic Pathways

Image result for garden pathways

Image result for pebble mosaic