Uproar In Texas After Restaurant Starts Selling A Vegan Version Of The Barbecue Favorite

Are you a meat-lover? Or a vegan? Either way, you really need to spend a few minutes reading this unbelievable post written by Hannah Al-Othman for the Mail Online. It’s all about the huge uproar in Texas caused by a restaurant that started selling a vegan version of brisket.

Brisket is a barbeque favorite in Texas. And many Texans take this meat dish very seriously. So seriously that many of them are up in arms about a vegan restaurant that has started selling a vegan version of brisket! The Dallas restaurant, V-Eats Modern Vegan, is a vegan eatery that has a vegan version of brisket on its menu.

When the Dallas Observer’s food critic, Beth Rankin, visited the restaurant and gave the vegan brisket a positive review, there was a major outcry by certain meat-loving Texans. They soon took to Twitter to post some very angry comments about vegans and V-Eats Modern Vegan.

comment-2 comment-1

Somebody wrote: ‘Why do vegans gotta ruin everything?’ while the other said: ‘Is nothing sacred anymore!? This is blasphemous!’

Tweeting a link to Rankin’s review, which is entitled: ‘Vegan Brisket? It’s a Thing at This New Dallas Vegan Restaurant, and It’s Pretty Good’, one Twitter user said: ‘No, stop this blasphemy’.

Another posted: Vegan. Brisket. ‘You’ve gone too far this time, Dallas.’ 

A woman also tweeted saying ‘vegan brisket has set my outrage machine to 11’, adding: ‘I will accept the vegan brisket if it’s filed with beef #rigged’.

While another woman posted saying: ‘Vegan brisket is a thing and now I want to die.’

Barbecue fans in Texas have been left outraged after a Dallas eaterie started selling VEGAN brisket (pictured)
Barbecue fans in Texas have been left outraged after a Dallas eaterie started selling VEGAN brisket (pictured)

In response to the comments on Facebook, a man said: ‘Just a reminder to the meat eaters out there: Most of us didn’t stop eating meat, because we thought it tasted bad.

‘We stopped eating it, because we don’t like the idea of killing animals for food.

‘We make alternatives to mimic meat, because we want to eat familiar dishes without having to kill animals.

‘Your arguments aren’t new to us. We hear them all the time.

‘As someone who’s actually made a mock meat from scratch, it’s not much of a mystery as to what’s in our meat. It’s usually pretty basic ingredients.’

And Dallas Vegan Roundup also weighed in, writing: ‘Great news for Dallas! People usually don’t eat these substitutes because they miss meat, it’s more about the familiar flavors and texture.

‘Much of the flavor in BBQ comes from sauce and spices, most of which are already vegan.

‘Dallas is way behind the rest of the country in vegan dining – as usual, we are playing catch-up. But it’s a start!’

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Ross Kemp In 12-Hour Kidnap Stand Off With Armed Gang In Libya

An armed clan temporarily held Ross Kemp hostage as the former EastEnders hardman was attempting to film his newest documentary in Libya.

For 12 hours, a heavily-armed group surrounded the building Kemp was in, brandishing weapons and threatening to kidnap him.

At the time of the attack, he was filming in Sabha, a city south of Tripoli. Kemp’s documentary focuses on the vast human trafficking and smuggling networks within the country.

Kemp called the filming the “best” and “most dangerous” that he has ever completed, and added, “At one point, we were asked to leave the south.

“We had a number of people outside the building we were in with weapons. And the tribe that we were with had to defend us because this other clan wanted to take us. There was a stand-off for about 12 hours.

“We nearly had to be lifted out.”

During his travels, Kemp interacted with migrants in detention camps who were being illegally held by various militias.

He observed, “In the camps people are getting three pieces of cheese a day, one piece of bread and half a litre of dirty water. They are dying.

“We met a woman who had given birth three days before we arrived. Her baby had died six hours after she had gone into labour in the toilet. She was still bleeding and dying but no one was doing anything about it.

“There are three governments out there who say they are in control. But no one is in control in the country. It is on the verge of becoming a non-state.”

This is hardly only brush with death that Kemp has had. In 2016, he filmed a documentary on Syria that featured startling shots in which he barely avoided being shot and killed by an ISIS sniper.

The BAFA-winning filmmaker has also previously risked his life in Mozambique, where he recorded ivory poachers on hidden cameras.

He adds: “This was far more dangerous than being somewhere like Iraq. At least there, we were embedded with the Kurds. We knew the barriers of where we were safe at any one time. But in Libya you are not safe at all.

“It’s a country where there are three guns to every one person.”

The documentary airs on Sky on February 21st as part of Ross Kemp: Extreme World.

Get Inside This Mysterious Abandoned 18th Century Home With A Cannon In The Living Room

If you love the idea of time capsules, you can’t miss this exciting post by Sean Morrison on the Mirror about a mysterious abandoned house that has practically been frozen in time. It even has an 18th century-style cannon in its living room!

There’s an abandoned home in France that’s filled with some of the most amazing things. Nobody seems to know how long the home has been abandoned, but it’s like a time capsule. At some point the home belonged to an unknown war fanatic, so it has lots of fantastic war memorabilia, such as a Union Jack flag, the United States flag and even an 18th century-style cannon in the living room.

Recently, amateur Parisian photographer, Florian Michaud, entered the derelict home and took some beautiful photographs. They include a dusty billiards table, a mural of people in French renaissance dress and a luxury bedroom. The house is an absolutely fantastic find.

Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
Eerie images reveal the time capsule home that has been left completely untouched since it was abandoned (Photo: Florian Michaud/Mediadrumworld)
Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
A huge cannon is the centre piece in the grand living room (Photo: Florian Michaud/Mediadrumworld)
Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
A mural on a wall depicts people in French renaissance dress (Photo: Florian Michaud/Mediadrumworld)

The amateur Parisian photographer, who took these photos, shares:

“The images radiate with an aura of unusual and magic that are brought about the vision of nature taking over decomposition.”

“This battle between life and death is what I’m aiming to capture in my photo shoots.”

“I fell in love with this kind of scenery and wanted to keep forever what I saw and felt.”

“I am especially fascinated by places where everything’s still standing, as if inhabitants simply vanished.”

Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
(Photo: Florian Michaud/Mediadrumworld)
Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
(Photo: Florian Michaud/Mediadrumworld)
Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
(Photo: Florian Michaud/Mediadrumworld)
Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
(Photo: Florian Michaud/Mediadrumworld)
Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
(Photo: Florian Michaud/Mediadrumworld)
Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
(Photo: Florian Michaud/Mediadrumworld)
Mystery abandoned home boasts a huge cannon as a centre piece in the living room that once belonged to a now unknown war fanatic
(Photo: Florian Michaud/Mediadrumworld)

“There’s a long stage of investigation in my urban explorations before I can take pictures.”

“Most of the time, field survey and spotting yield nothing because the location has turned out to be uninteresting.”

“Eventually, as I am very persistent, I end up finding a place that’s been forgotten yet became magical and off-beat.”

“It vibrates with something powerful and out of the ordinary that triggers in me an overwhelming flow of creative ideas and awakens an urge to simply catch the moment.”

Source: Mirror

12 Brilliant PVC Projects For Homesteaders

PVC pipe is one construction material that is easy to work with, readily available in hardware stores and cheap to buy. That’s why aside from its common use in plumbing, a PVC pipe can be utilized for a variety of other home projects.

Below are 12 DIY projects that show the amazing and versatile uses of PVC pipes.

1. PVC Hoop House For Raised Beds

A PVC hoop house is a great and inexpensive way to make sure that your vegetable garden will be protected from the harsh elements , pests, or garden-loving pets when needed. It can become a framework for removable plastic sheets, nets, or crop blankets. This will require a bit of construction but the result will be worth the trouble.

2. PVC Chicken Feeder

All you need are some PVC drain pipes and elbows to create this affordable feeding system for your chickens. Not only do these wall-mounted feeders save space, they also make feeding less messy. They are also very easy to clean. Don’t forget to cover the top of the pipes to keep the chicken feed dry.

3. PVC Deep Garden Irrigation

If you have trees and large plants in your garden, you can use a PVC pipe to make sure that it gets water down to the deep roots. Just poke some holes on it, stick it deep onto the ground, and pour water on it. This simple tool will make sure that your trees get enough water during droughts.

4. PVC Hose Caddy

Here’s a nice way to store your garden hose. A constructed PVC hose caddy will keep your hose hanging neatly so you won’t have any trouble when you need to use it. This caddy can even be made with wheels so that you can bring your hose anywhere in your garden. Everybody loves a portable storage solution.

5. Handheld Corn And Bean Planter

Planting beans and corn can be a pain especially for old farmers. Unless you have an automatic seeder, you will have to bend your back for some amount of time planting every seed by hand. That’s why you need to a PVC seed planter. This simple tool will let you plant seeds while you are standing up.

6. PVC Toy Storage Rack

If you have kids in your home, you know how dangerous it can be to have small toys lying around. This PVC toy rack can be mounted on a wall to keep your children’s toys away from the floor. It can also serve as a display case for the small toys. Just make sure to paint each PVC pipe to make it look more fun and interesting.

7. PVC Tomato Cages

Do you love planting tomatoes but you’re afraid that strong winds will damage your plant? This durable and sturdy PVC tomato cage will keep your delicate plant from bending and toppling down. You tomatoes will also be able to grow taller. This cage is also reusable. Just dismantle and store it away for the next planting season.

8. PVC Aquaponics System

If you have fish tank in your home, you can create an aquaponic system that will also let you plant some vegetables and fruits. This aquaponic system uses PVC pipes to hold the cup planters and bring water to the plants. This is an inexpensive project that you can expand if you want to add more plants.

9. PVC Bird Feeder

Finally, you can build a squirrel-proof bird feeder using PVC pipes. This PVC bird feeder can be hang on a tree branch and has bendable perches for the birds. It also has feeding station openings that are small enough for birds to comfortably put their heads into to pick their choice of feed. It can also be refilled without any trouble.

10. PVC Pipe Shelf

If you are feeling creative and you want to design your home with something nice but unusual, then you could create a PVC pipe shelf. Not only does a PVC shelf look good, its shelves can also be rearranged according to your preference. This shelf can also be dismantled and transported easily in case you move.

11. PVC Survival Cache

Doomsday preppers will love this simple-looking but effective storage tool. But this PVC survival cache can also be used for something more than just a doomsday event. You can stock it with precious things and then stash it away. No one will ever suspect that this PVC pipe is actually keeping something very important inside.

12. PVC Summer Camp Chairs

If you have spare time this summer, try to create a PVC camping chair for your kids. These chairs are light, portable, easy to make and cost cheap. Let your kids bring them anywhere in your yard. These chairs are also foldable for easy storage. Your kids will thank you for this cute PVC project.

These Man-Caves-On-Wheels Are Amazing In Every Way

For the guy who needs space of his own, and a getaway home on wheels, look no further than here! The Utah based company Upper Valley Tiny Homes makes perfect man caves, which can be parked at the bottom of the garden, or towed off to a favourite spot on the river to fish. Or in fact to anywhere that takes your fancy.

These amazing little man caves measure only 7 x 18, and are perfect for hunting and camping. The company prides themselves on the fact that the homes are designed and made by men, for men, so they know exactly what men would like in their man caves.

With things like pull-out BBQ, dart boards, racks for guns, basketball hoop and putting strip, they are all that any guy could want. They even come with a deck to relax with a cold beer at the end of a hard day. The rear of the cave comes with a garage door which opens to store off road vehicles.

Man Caves

Man Caves

Man Caves

The caves come with flush toilets and 500 watt solar power. The kitchen has a stove and sink, fridge and cabinet. There is a bathroom with a compact shower, and bunks to sleep. The video will give you a better look at the inside of these tiny dens, and all they come with.

Man Caves

Man Caves

Man Caves

Man Caves

Man Caves

The man caves currently sell for around $43,000 and the complete specs are available from Upper Valley Tiny Homes. We think men of all ages will want one!

Source: Do It Yourself RV

Diesel Car Drivers Could Be Forced To Pay 50 Per Cent Extra For Parking… After We Were Told To Purchase Them!

The Westminster City Council announced that it will apply a surcharge of 50 percent to diesel car drivers in order to crack down on pollution.

This surcharge will be the first of its kind in Britain, as councils debate ways to decrease air pollution.

The current rate to park in the borough is £4.90 per hour, and the council hopes to convince drivers with diesel vehicles to avoid the area altogether by tacking on an additional 50 percent fee for these “polluting” cars.

Westminster’s Cabinet member for environment, sports and community, David Harvey, said, “Residents and visitors tell us all the time that air quality is a key concern in central London.

“Additional charges for diesel vehicles will mean people think twice about using highly polluting cars and invest in cleaner transport that will make a real difference in the quality of air we breathe.”

The council is certain to profit from this scheme, which means other councils may soon impose similar fees.

President of the AA, Edmund King, said he believes the idea will “Spread like wildfire”.

However, King also feels it would be more sensible for councils to impose fees on older vehicles with diesel engines, since they are responsible for most of the air pollution.

Angler Catches Record-Breaking Mutant Trout Weighing Almost A Whopping 35lbs

This is an incredible post about an angler who caught a record-breaking monster trout that weighed almost 35lbs! It’s hard to believe that such an enormous trout exists until you see the pictures!

Michael Mitchell is a 52-year-old angler who was hoping to catch a 10Ibs brown trout on his fishing trip to Loch Earn in Scotland. Instead, he caught a mutant rainbow trout that weighed 34lbs 12ozs. And he was only using a maggot as bait!

It seem that this monstrously big trout had escaped from a fish farm where it had reached its enormous size. Biologists who examined the fish’s scales think it is about 5 years old and must have been gorging itself on the unlimited supply of stickleback fish and minnow in the lake to get as big as it did. The previous British record for a rainbow trout was 33lbs 4ozs. Mitchell is waiting to find out if his catch will be recorded as the official record.

Michael, a painter and decorator narrates how he caught the big trout:

“I was out in the loch on a boat with my brother-in-law, Ian Devine, and we just had a break for a sandwich when I caught a wee brown trout which I released because of its size.”

“Then this monster struck and when it did it nearly took my rod in. I just managed to grab hold of it in time.”

“I knew it was a big one and panicked a bit. It took about 15 minutes to reel in and got a bit of a fright when I saw it. I have never caught a fish that big before.”

The specimen was so big it broke two landing nets as Michael and Ian tried to heave it on board.

The loch fishery has a policy of removing rainbow trout because they are non-native species and anyone who unintentionally catches one is not allowed to return it to the water.

The fisherman was hoping to catch a 10lbs brown trout using a maggot as bait when he hooked into the monster from the deep, which is 38 inches long and weighed a mighty 34lbs 12ozs

The fish he caught was brought back to shore and weighed owned by Alex Murray, the Loch Earn fishery manager:

“Alex knew it was a Scottish record and said he thought it might be a British record too.”

“We have had to freeze the fish while all the correct paper work is sent off to the relevant authorities to verify.”

“I have only been fishing for five years and am over the moon with it. I’m still on cloud nine.”

Alex adds:

“There is a rainbow trout farm on the loch and any rainbow trout in the water are escaped fish.”

“We have had a scale sample tested and the results show the fish was in its fifth growing season. Judging by the size of it it had been in the loch for most of that time.”

“This incredible trout has had a plentiful supply of food all its life.”

The trout measures 38ins long and has a girth of over 26ins.


Homeschoolers Under Attack By Officials Conducting Unannounced Visits

Having made the decision to homeschool children, most parents think that they will be left on their own to educate their kids. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the Kentucky school district where some parents are receiving visits from officials. The reasons given are that the officials want to check the students and help the parents.

The Homeschool Legal Defence Association (HSLDA) has been informed of these visits and say that not only are they considered to be an infringement on homeschoolers, but is is unwanted, and – more importantly – it is illegal.

“Just last month, several families in the Paris Independent School District reported being visited by school officials,” HSLDA Staff Attorney Tj Schmidt said. “If no one was at home, the visit was marked by a doorhanger.”

Kentucky has a statewide agreement in place which respects homeschool families and their right to privacy. A public has a legal requirement to check attendance records, homeschools are considered to be private and are therefore not required to open their homes to school officials, who request to see documents. The officials do not have any right to arrive and ask to see any documentation unless there is a valid cause for concern.

The only reason that officials may check up on parents are if the family removed the child in the middle of the school term. In this case the visits were considered normal.

“Home school check. Please give us a call,” read one of the district’s markers.

It seems that officials arrive unannounced to check up on children, even requesting to speak to them at times. Parents who reported the visits to HSDLA said that they felt it was as if ‘big brother’ was watching over them.

“[It is] disturbing that [Paris Independent Schools] have a supply of pre-printed doorhangers ready for when they make unannounced visits to your home,” the parent commented on the Kentucky Homeschooling Facebook page.

Jenny Griffith was one such parent who received a visit from two officials who questioned her about attendance records. The officials intended to visit three or four times a year.

“Two school officials who visited parent Jenny Griffith at her home said the district intends to visit every homeschool family three times this year,” Schmidt recounted. “As part of their plan to help families, the school officials asked about attendance records and curriculum. Before leaving, one official asked Jenny about meeting her child.”

“I got the impression that district staff could become more difficult if I didn’t cooperate in answering their questions or bring out my child to meet them,” Jenny explained. “I tried to handle the situation as civilly as possible – without adding any threat to them.”

Image result for homeschooling dad

HSDLA explained that under Kentucky law, once the parents had notified the school of the intention to homeschool, the school presumed that the homeschool was a bona fida operation and left the family alone. They agreed that leaving door hangers when the family was not at home was a form of harassment and against Kentucky law.

“Under Kentucky law, a homeschool program operates as a private school,” Schmidt stressed. “While private schools are required to keep attendance and scholarship records (i.e. report cards) in the same manner as the local public school, homeschooling parents do not need to open their homes and present these documents simply because a school official comes knocking.”

“Families who homeschool are exercising their right to direct the education of their children,” Schmidt maintained. “Because this is a fundamental right, an agreement was reached over 20 years ago between the statewide homeschool organizations – including Christian Home Educators of Kentucky (CHEK), and the Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel.”

“This agreement – commonly known as the Best Practices Document – makes it clear that any parents who notify their district within two weeks of the beginning of school that they are teaching their children in their home are presumed to be operating a bona fide private school,” Schmidt informed. “Unless school officials receive some report or have some evidence that the parents are not educating their children, no further inquiry should be made.”

“The policy is somewhat different for parents who begin homeschooling their children in the middle of the school year,” the Christian lawyer added. “In these cases, families do occasionally receive a visit from their local school officials – like some homeschooling parents who recently began teaching their children in Scott County and Lee County. These families received visits and/or a doorhanger requesting a call back. Most of these school officials wanted to see the children’s curriculum and work samples.”

Along with a well known homeschool group in the district, HSDLA has contacted the school in question , and now expects the school to stop the plan to conduct visits throughout the year. Both HSDLA and the homeschool group will be continuing to monitor the visits.

“Cindy West – a local CHEK representative and veteran homeschooling mom in Bourbon County – and I have contacted the Paris Independent School District, objecting to the home visits of homeschooling parents who are legally operating their private school in compliance with state law,” Schmidt declared. “We expect the district to halt its plan to conduct these visits throughout the school year, but will be continuing to monitor the situation.”

Source: One News Now

A Photographer’s Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet As A Handy Reference For You

In order to take to your photography to the next level, you should be able to understand and master shutter speed and the relationship to exposure. Taking things one step further, you will then see that using shutter speed as a tool to achieve stunning effects can be extremely rewarding and challenging.

Whichever way you want to work with your shutter speed, we have a chart which will help you achieve that result, and also make things a whole lot simpler!

Full stop, ½ stop, 1/3 stop

Simply by doubling, or halving the shutter speed you can change the exposure value. With the advent of digital cameras shutter speeds can now be adjusted by halves or even thirds of a stop. The cheat sheet will help you calculate your exposure.

Safe shutter speed

For photographing moving objects it is important that you use the correct shutter speed. The chart will give you an idea of how the speed affects the sharpness of the images.


You will see from the cheat sheet that a faster shutter speed means less light, while a slower speed ensures that more light reaches the sensors.

Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet DPS 700px

Artistically shooting with shutter speed cheat sheet

Birds in flight 1/2000

This is the speed which is typically used to take shots of flying birds, so that they are kept in focus. If you want the body of the bird in focus but the wings blurred you may increase the speed to 1/400th to do this.

Action sports

Speeds between 500th and 1000th are needed to ensure that the action is frozen and the edges are crisp and clear. This is essential with sports like football and soccer where the movement is so fast.

Street photography 1/250th – 1/500

Most streets are a constant movement with cars and people and shutter speed is vital so that you do not have just a whole blur of activity. The correct exposure will ensure that you avoid soft edges and blurry outlines.

Shutter Spped Cheat Sheet StreetPhotography

Landscapes 1/125th – ¼

A slower shutter speed of 1/8 or ¼ is acceptable if you are using a tripod. If you intend to shoot with a hand held camera then be sure to go for a shutter speed which is faster.

Shutter Spped Cheat Sheet Landscapes

Panning cars 1/50th -1/60th

This is used to shoot artistic scenes such as the car travelling, but the background out of focus. You’ll need a slower shutter speed to focus on the car.

Waterfalls 1/8th – 2 seconds

it will look as if the water is actually falling down the waterfall if you use a longer shutter speed. It will create a visual effect, which in fact, does not happen in reality.

Shutter Spped Cheat Sheet RunningWater

Blurring water half – 5 seconds

To create dreamy landscapes, with gentle blue skies and smooth water, you will need a shutter speed which is slower than half a second. This speed works on any slow moving water, such as oceans, lakes and ponds.

Shutter Spped Cheat Sheet Water

Fireworks 2 – 8 seconds

A slower speed will give you a blurry, overexposed picture, while a faster speed will result in specks of light against a dark sky. The happy medium is between 3-5, which will give you the best results.

Stars 15 – 25 seconds

Try using a tripod here as balance and stillness is all important. A faster speed will give you small, dim stars, while a longer shutter speed of over 30 seconds will give you a trailing effect.

Star trails

Often this effect is created with the exposure time of 15 minutes or longer. However, when done digitally you can take a series of photos with 30 seconds of exposure each. Afterwards you can then edit them together to create the wonderful trailing effect.

Source: Digital Photography School

Angler Boasts The Size Of Their Catch Compared To Their Newborn Babies In Funny Photos

In Australia two fishermen showed off their catches by placing them next to their newborn babies and comparing them. It seems they did this to show just how large their catches were – or perhaps how small the infants were!

The fishermen were diving in a secret spot – which they would not reveal – when they caught the two crayfish weighing over 3.5 kg each.

Daniel and his friend were diving in a ‘secret spot’ in between Fremantle and Rottnest Island when they hooked the 2 crayfish weighing more than 3.5 kg each:

“It was honestly the biggest crayfish I had ever seen and caught and I’ve been diving for just over 10 years,” Mr Fryer said.

Yay, crayfish for dinner! Angler Daniel Fryer posted a photo of his five-week-old daughter Charlotte next to two massive crayfish
Yay, crayfish for dinner! Angler Daniel Fryer posted a photo of his five-week-old daughter Charlotte next to two massive crayfish

A second fisherman reeled in two Dhufish and a Pink Snapper and laid them next to his daughter. The fish weighed in at 11 and 13 kg, while his baby only weighed 4.5kg:

“The two Dhufish were 11 and 13 kilograms… Brooklyn weighs 4.5 kilograms,” Mr Fee said.

“Although they are big they aren’t the biggest we catch.”

Something smells fishy! Bunbury man Matthew Fee lined up his impressive haul alongside seven-week-old Brooklyn
Something smells fishy! Bunbury man Matthew Fee lined up his impressive haul alongside seven-week-old Brooklyn

This was not the first time he had compared his daughter to his catch as he has pictures taken from the last time. He shared his photos on social media, saying that these were not the largest fish he had caught.

Mr Fee's eldest daughter Harper featured alongside a catch from January- Two of the fish are bigger than the 9.5 kilogram baby 
Mr Fee’s eldest daughter Harper featured alongside a catch from January- Two of the fish are bigger than the 9.5 kilogram baby

When asked why they compared the fish to their daughters, one of them said that it was better than using beer cans to compare them.

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