Check Out These 32 FREE Sock Knitting Patterns

We have a long list of sock knitting patterns and they’re all free! 

Have you ever knitted socks before? If not, there’s a great tutorial that will teach you exactly how to knit your own socks. If you already know how to knit socks, you can skip the tutorial and head straight for the 32 fabulous free sock patterns.

The beautiful patterns have all sorts of lovely designs which feature twisted stitches, different types of cables and even some lace elements. They include Twisted Hourglass Socks, Cross Country Socks, Viking Socks and many more.

These socks are so pretty that they will make wonderful gifts for your friends and family. Or you can spoil yourself and knit a lovely pair for yourself. So grab you yarn and knitting needles and start knitting so pretty socks!

b 1. Fireweeds Socks
2. Love Socks
3. Vellamo
4. Water for the Elephants


1. Socks with star pattern
2. Socks with Reindeer
3. Socks with Norwegian Pattern and Cables on Cuff
4. Socks with Pattern

a 1. Socks with Pattern
2. Long Socks with Icelandic Pattern
3. Irish Dream Socks
4. Worsted Fair Isle Socks


1. Lau Socks
2. Kalajoki Socks
3. Maeva Socks
4. Spiegel Socks

d 1. Cross Country Socks
2. Tribute Socks
3. Aragorn Socks
4. Baroque Socks


1. Magic Mirror Socks
2. The Daughter Heir Socks
3. Banyan Tree Socks
4. Hourglass Socks


1. Polly Jean Socks
2. Viking Socks
3. Twisted Hourglass Socks
4. Diamond Rib Socks

1. Brigit Socks
2. Bayerische Socks
3. Liab Socks
4. Giulietta Socks

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