19 Best Countries For Raising A Family, As Voted By Expats

When a family decides to move abroad, they must take into account the children, and the education that they will need to be sure the children can receive there. Sometimes this can be a daunting thing to consider. Not only must education be taken into account, but also things like quality of life and cost of living. Leisure activities as well as family well-being should factor into the moving equation. As if these are not enough points, the family also has to factor into account the cost of moving from one country to another.

Here we have a list of countries which, after a survey of thousands of expats in some 45 countries, will give some ideas of the best countries for raising kids. The survey takes into account such things as childcare and education, healthcare and safety, which are important when making a decision as big as a move to another country.

19. South Korea

47{a30e0c09ff70771d4c2559ca452283db427b609927687ae1d17157c286cad949} of expats surveyed said that they were very happy with the standard of education that their children were receiving there. The quality of education had greatly improved over the last two years. Family friendly locals made this a good place to consider.

18. Mexico

The attitude towards kids, along with the time to spend with their families, makes Mexico a place to think about. The country has a very good work-life balance for families. A salary went a long way and families did not have to work such long hours to earn a good wage, so free time was more.

17. Philippines

The country has a reputation for its high quality education system. Added to this, the country loves children, and families are always welcome when it comes to going out. The education system has improved over the last few years.

16. Singapore

While family well-being and child safety factors are rated as top, such things as childcare and education are not very highly rated. That will make the decision difficult when weighing up the pros and cons here.

15. South Africa

The country is rated as having the very best activities for kids. However, family well-being is cause for concern. Education rates in the mid range for most expats. Safety was considered to be a problem with some expats.

14. Luxembourg

Although childcare is very expensive here, and education does not find the top score, it is children safety and family well-being that puts this country at the top of the ratings.

13. Netherlands

Here we have a country which gets a solid score across all the points of education, child care, safety and family well-being. The Netherlands has risen in the rankings over the last few years.

12. Poland

The cost of childcare was very affordable here, and the quality of education was high, making Poland a place that is well worth thinking about.

11. France

Taking all the education in another language may be a problem, although 60{a30e0c09ff70771d4c2559ca452283db427b609927687ae1d17157c286cad949} of expat parents admit that their children are fluent in the language. 36{a30e0c09ff70771d4c2559ca452283db427b609927687ae1d17157c286cad949} of expats admit that the language may be a consideration before arriving in a country.

10. Germany

7{a30e0c09ff70771d4c2559ca452283db427b609927687ae1d17157c286cad949} of expats send their children to public schools, with the remainder choosing the International Schools. This may be strange as Germany offers high quality education which is affordable to expats.

9. Belgium

Belgium has improved dramatically in the area of education and childcare availability over the last few years, making it a place to seriously consider now.

8. Taiwan

The friendly attitude towards children and families makes this a place to consider. Taiwan also did well in the score for child safety.

7. Australia

Leisure activities for kids brought the score high up here, in fact it is the number one for this. Education is in the mid range. Not surprisingly, the outdoor activities ranked very high in the country, with expats agreeing that there were plenty of activities that families could do together.

6. Norway

Childcare option have improved here from 17th right up to 6th now, making this a place to consider. The kid-friendly country attitude also adds to the attraction. Expat families said that they were very happy with the lifestyle and family time available to them.

5. Sweden

Sweden actually fell from 3rd place to 5th place in the quality of their education. This is in part due to the crisis situation in the school system, so that is a consideration for expats.

4. Austria

This country falls short in countries which are child friendly, in fact with this survey it fell even shorter, right down to the bottom three. Family well-being and education were also very much lower than previous years.

3. Israel

81{a30e0c09ff70771d4c2559ca452283db427b609927687ae1d17157c286cad949} of expats were said to be very happy with education options, and 84{a30e0c09ff70771d4c2559ca452283db427b609927687ae1d17157c286cad949} had a general satisfaction with the education system as a whole. As well as a good education, it seemed that expats enjoyed the relaxed lifestyles.

2. Czech Republic

While education is considered to be very affordable here, the quality is sometimes not as good as it could be, with many expats agreeing that the quality had fallen over the last years.

1. Finland

70{a30e0c09ff70771d4c2559ca452283db427b609927687ae1d17157c286cad949} of expats said the education was excellent. In fact no part of the survey had any negative remarks. Health, safety and well-being all ranked right at the top. Compared to the global 21{a30e0c09ff70771d4c2559ca452283db427b609927687ae1d17157c286cad949} for education, it seems that Finland is the best place for expats and their kids – as far as education goes.

Source: Business Insider

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