12 Brilliant PVC Projects For Homesteaders

PVC pipe is one construction material that is easy to work with, readily available in hardware stores and cheap to buy. That’s why aside from its common use in plumbing, a PVC pipe can be utilized for a variety of other home projects.

Below are 12 DIY projects that show the amazing and versatile uses of PVC pipes.

1. PVC Hoop House For Raised Beds

A PVC hoop house is a great and inexpensive way to make sure that your vegetable garden will be protected from the harsh elements , pests, or garden-loving pets when needed. It can become a framework for removable plastic sheets, nets, or crop blankets. This will require a bit of construction but the result will be worth the trouble.

2. PVC Chicken Feeder

All you need are some PVC drain pipes and elbows to create this affordable feeding system for your chickens. Not only do these wall-mounted feeders save space, they also make feeding less messy. They are also very easy to clean. Don’t forget to cover the top of the pipes to keep the chicken feed dry.

3. PVC Deep Garden Irrigation

If you have trees and large plants in your garden, you can use a PVC pipe to make sure that it gets water down to the deep roots. Just poke some holes on it, stick it deep onto the ground, and pour water on it. This simple tool will make sure that your trees get enough water during droughts.

4. PVC Hose Caddy

Here’s a nice way to store your garden hose. A constructed PVC hose caddy will keep your hose hanging neatly so you won’t have any trouble when you need to use it. This caddy can even be made with wheels so that you can bring your hose anywhere in your garden. Everybody loves a portable storage solution.

5. Handheld Corn And Bean Planter

Planting beans and corn can be a pain especially for old farmers. Unless you have an automatic seeder, you will have to bend your back for some amount of time planting every seed by hand. That’s why you need to a PVC seed planter. This simple tool will let you plant seeds while you are standing up.

6. PVC Toy Storage Rack

If you have kids in your home, you know how dangerous it can be to have small toys lying around. This PVC toy rack can be mounted on a wall to keep your children’s toys away from the floor. It can also serve as a display case for the small toys. Just make sure to paint each PVC pipe to make it look more fun and interesting.

7. PVC Tomato Cages

Do you love planting tomatoes but you’re afraid that strong winds will damage your plant? This durable and sturdy PVC tomato cage will keep your delicate plant from bending and toppling down. You tomatoes will also be able to grow taller. This cage is also reusable. Just dismantle and store it away for the next planting season.

8. PVC Aquaponics System

If you have fish tank in your home, you can create an aquaponic system that will also let you plant some vegetables and fruits. This aquaponic system uses PVC pipes to hold the cup planters and bring water to the plants. This is an inexpensive project that you can expand if you want to add more plants.

9. PVC Bird Feeder

Finally, you can build a squirrel-proof bird feeder using PVC pipes. This PVC bird feeder can be hang on a tree branch and has bendable perches for the birds. It also has feeding station openings that are small enough for birds to comfortably put their heads into to pick their choice of feed. It can also be refilled without any trouble.

10. PVC Pipe Shelf

If you are feeling creative and you want to design your home with something nice but unusual, then you could create a PVC pipe shelf. Not only does a PVC shelf look good, its shelves can also be rearranged according to your preference. This shelf can also be dismantled and transported easily in case you move.

11. PVC Survival Cache

Doomsday preppers will love this simple-looking but effective storage tool. But this PVC survival cache can also be used for something more than just a doomsday event. You can stock it with precious things and then stash it away. No one will ever suspect that this PVC pipe is actually keeping something very important inside.

12. PVC Summer Camp Chairs

If you have spare time this summer, try to create a PVC camping chair for your kids. These chairs are light, portable, easy to make and cost cheap. Let your kids bring them anywhere in your yard. These chairs are also foldable for easy storage. Your kids will thank you for this cute PVC project.

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